Get Sexy for Santa – week 2 weigh in.


So, I weigh in. I’ve lost a pound! Hooray!

I anticipate a nice, leisurely updating of my stats here and on MyFitnessPal. 21 pounds down, I think. How cool.

I log into MFP, enter my new weight, and up pops a cheery little message. ‘Existere has lost 5 pounds since her last weigh in. Existere has lost 25 pounds!’

Um, what? 25 pounds? That’s totally awesome, but also awesomely incorrect. ….Isn’t it?

It’s now been 10 minutes of me tapping away at a calculator going, ‘What the fuck is wrong with me? I….what? I think I’m a little bit stupid.’ To which my loving wife replies, ‘Well, it’s unlikely the htc calculator or the internet is stupid.’ And she’s right.

I am stupid! But a skinnier version of my stupid self than I thought! After careful and confused comparison of my ‘slimdown sunday page’ here, my paper log where I keep track, my android log where I keep track, and MFP…..and lots and lots and lots of calculator goodness, I ‘ve realised that I have somehow accurately recorded my weight losses, but not what I actually weighed.

If you are feeling confused, you are probably only experiencing a smidgen of what I felt this morning.


To summarize: I’ve lost one pound this week, for a total of 25 pounds lost. That sounds awesome! So much better than 21 pounds lost! Woooo!

I was all set to come here and blog about my walking (in May it took me 15-20 minutes to walk to the end of the road; I can now walk three times that distance in 9 minutes) and how this week went (dodgy in the middle, I actually gained weight…and then lost it again, thankfully!). Instead I’ve wowed you all with my incompetence.

And I really want to keep telling you about how the math thing might not totally be my fault, and how I think MFP is partially to blame, but poor TMD is rolling her eyes so much as I talk outloud that I’m worried they might roll all the way out of her head. And then I would probably step on them, because I am wearing my new glasses which curiously have the effect of worsening my eyesight. So I wouldn’t be held responsible for squishing her eye(s), but then I would be responsible for doing more around the house since she would be blind.


25 pounds down!! I don’t know how many to go. I need to update my ticker to find out. I’m not trusting my skillz anymore.

How did YOU do?



4 Responses to “Get Sexy for Santa – week 2 weigh in.”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Woo 25lb lost! That is awesome! I’ve not weighed in yet. I need to escape from my bed and my cuddly 2 year old first!

  2. Natasha Says:

    Okay I weighed in and I’m now 181lbs. I guess it wasn’t the jam dohnuts last week after all! The lb+ seems to have stuck! I’ll see if working out on wii fit can shift it / sweat it out!

  3. Violetsouffle Says:

    Woah! That’s AWESOME! Go you! I am seriously in awe! You’re so damn amazing at this !!!

  4. Katie B. Says:


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