Quotation marks are the new irony.


Three things:

1. A friend on facebook has pointed out that ordering that pfau (red 6, me thinks!!) from a Country B vendor is way cheaper than ordering from Didymos (based in Germany). Only 109.00. ‘Only.’ Need to sell my Didymos Ruby Indio 8 before I can buy this other wrap. If you want a long wrap because you are fluffy, or you have twins/two kids to wrap, you let me know. It’s in excellent condition and going cheap! ‘Cheap.’

2. I managed to screw up bagels and nectarines this morning. I have taken pictures because I think you’d all love to see my ‘cooking’ ‘skills’, but that will have to wait.

3. At playgroup, I am like Mary Poppins. A drug dealing Mary Poppins in a crowd of smack addicted toddlers.

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5 Responses to “Quotation marks are the new irony.”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Ohh How much do you want for the Didymos? I spy the perfect Christmas pressie from hubby to me! If you seriously do want to sell it, and nobody else has already called dibs, would you mind if I drive up and get it, though so you can show me how to wrap onto my back properly please?

    • existere Says:

      HOW FUN!!!! You should come! No need for it to be a playgroup day, as that may mean we can’t speak to each other! Woah, exclamation marks. 100 for the wrap?? I *think* that’s fair as it’s an 8 and they are rare. And I would be happy if YOU guys had it, though that makes me sound totally creepy. I still miss the Ocah – no lie – and take comfort from knowing it’s with you. I am totally crazy!!

      • Natasha Says:

        I have mentioned to hubby and hinted for Christmas but he’s umming and erring because he just bought me new glasses and a new netbook… I am sure I will talk him around, though 😉

        He tried to tell me, “But you do already have 4 baby carriers….” to which I said, “But you do already have 10 toy trains…..”, which I know he won’t want to hear next time he fancies himself a sound locamotive model costing over £100! hehe

        Either way I’d love to come up and learn how to back-wrap, even if I bring my own wrap. Hubby might change his tune when he sees me wrapping in action again. I haven’t used my wrap since my girls got too big to tandem side by side in it. Perhaps I should sell my dolcino wrap to fund the didymos, which would fund your new wrap! I’m a bit hesitant to do that, though because I have an irrational atatchment to my wrap due to it being the first wrap I ever owned and used, and the first carrier I wore my twins in together…. Ach if I’m honest with myself I don’t think I could go through with it. I’ll just have to flutter my eyelids at hubby… or soemthing 😉

        Oh, PS: Since you’re comforted knowing we have the Ocah, you’ll be pleased to know it is one of my most-uesed carriers and my gorgeous girls get snuggles in it almost daily and I’m sure it is loved by them just as much as it is loved by me. You don’t sound creepy at all.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Oh also, on the subject of playgroup, I have my car back (Yay!). If you still fancy it, this means I am now able to join you for playgroup one day. However I did see recently you posted somewhere that more people often complicates things (or did I imagine that?) so please do let me know if I’d be getting in the way! I’d love to meet you and, if I can in any way, make your life easier for a day, but if you don’t feel up to it please do let me know! I promise that I won’t be offended.

  3. Lauren Says:

    I feel the need to hear more about #3…

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