Week one weigh in.


The last time I went to the seaside, I was in a wheelchair (and out of it, when a downhill slope collided with sand):

I brought crutches along, but in fact I sat in that wheelchair all day, or on the sand. I missed going through a sand sculpture exhibit. I couldn’t walk to the water with Snort or Coconut in my arms. I was unable to order my own ice cream, or move under my own power (as every wheelchair I’ve had has required someone to push me).

I couldn’t decide where to sit. When to move. I was unable to interact as much with the babies as I would have liked.

Hear me now:

The next time I go to the seaside, I will be on my own two legs. I will be walking.

I started my enthusiastic journey to lose weight by Christmas last Thursday. Here I am one pound heavier than I was on that day (and please, please, please forgive the skintight outfit. I kind of thought it might be a good way to show all my lumps, bumps, and curves – and I’d wear it every major weight loss picture, so that good comparisons could be made):


15 stone 11

The above is taken at 17 pounds lost.

These last few days have gone well. I have walked every. single. day.

And here I am today, at 20 pounds lost:

15 stone 8


That’s right, I’ve lost 2 wonderful pounds since last Thursday. I know because I have so much weight to lose, and I’ve suddenly really upped my exercise, the weight will fly this first week. When I did WW a few years back, I lost 8 pounds in the first week. My goal is really more like 1-2 pounds per week.

But still. I am doing awesome. I have surrounded myself with people – those of you who are joining me in this journey by reading my words (and maybe blogging about your OWN journey!), supporting me on twitter, etc. I also have linked MyFitnessPal to my Facebook profile, so every pound lost or exercise done is posted. (I’m ‘writermama’ on MFP, feel free to friend me.)

So, basically, everyone I ever knew in any incarnation knows I am trying to lose weight. I’ve even started an online support group via Facebook (please let me know if you are interested….but it’s not anonymous, so you would need to be someone I have actually chatted with via comments or email!).

The more eyes on me, the less likely I am to give up. I also like having a 12 week time frame.

On my walk this afternoon – when did it become winter? – I saw a weird sight. Two slightly panicked people, a blue van, and an old man in his motorized wheelchair. He’d been coming back from the store and the batteries had run out. He was stranded in the cold, drizzling rain – he had no family, no spare battery, and no mobile. We called the police and made sure someone would stay with him until the police came.

It seemed like a big wake up call to me.

I don’t want to be that person who is stuck. At the mercy of others.

I want to lose weight for them:

I gained this weight so that Coconut and Snort could emerge with as good a chance as possible. I gained this weight so they would have healthy birth weights and be more likely to go full term.

I gained this weight for my babies, and I will lose this weight for my babies.

You can take my word on this, but I know I still need support. Every time I get a comment, a tweet, a facebook ‘like’ I feel a little more loved and encouraged and held. I can do this, but not on my own.

Every week as I write about my weight loss journey, I will link to it on my ‘Sunday Slim Down page.’ You can go there for quick links to my weekly entries and pictures, as well as seeing the overall drop in my weight.


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20 Responses to “Week one weigh in.”

  1. Katie B. Says:

    You go, girl!

  2. Jehefinner Says:

    Whooo, you are some knd of awesome!! I’m with you every step of the way Baby! xxx

  3. astridparamita Says:

    That’s an awesome result, existere \o/. It really looks like you’re on the right track! I’m supporting you, and I truly believe you can do it!
    I was hesitating to comment before because I haven’t experienced what you’ve been through (pregnancy, weight loss). What I do know is exercise and healthy eating results in a healthy body, and that’s how I keep my body this way. I’m 5’4″ and 113 lbs.

  4. Natasha Says:

    Wow! Go you! I’m suitably impressed. You’re doing amazingly already and it’s evident that you’re committed to this now x

    PS: I’m not doing so well 😦 bought a 10 pack of jam donuts today… and ate them all. Weight lost? 0lbs. In fact I think I’ve gained a lb but could just be the donuts sitting on my belly!

    • existere Says:

      Eh, it’s just the donuts in your belly!

      I think the thing is, I’m going to just keep doing 3 month challenges. And there are STILL 12 weeks left in this one, no matter how many donuts you’ve had. I am committed but at this point, sort of only because I am going extremely exhibitionist about this. Seriously.

  5. Darlene & Lori Says:

    I like the way you are using peer pressure as support. I think that is kind of what they do at Weight Watchers. They announce it so you kind of don’t want to disappoint. I applaud your tenacity and wish I had it. Actually, I wish my partner had it. It is so hard to diet when you live with someone that eats like it is their last large meal. I’ve even tried cooking smaller portions and all that happens is that I wind up having to cook more often.

    • existere Says:

      My experience with WW was that you could choose to tell people if you had lost weight, but were kindly and quietly skipped over if you had gained!! I don’t think that’s typical, though…but my leader was a 60 year old chubby guy. Heheh.

      And it TOTALLY is peer pressure city. I like it.

  6. Lara Says:

    I took a photo in a similarly tight outfit before I started. I’m going to take a photo in the same outfit every 8 weeks on the journey (genius that I am picked a summery outfit, but whatever 😉
    Yay you!! I’m glad we’re all doing this together!

  7. mamacrow Says:

    You are AWESOME! And, looking at the pictures, it’s really just belly/bum/thighs – as you say, weight you put on for your babies, so with more exercise and healthy eating, your body should return to its ‘normal settings’ as it were!
    Two things I find helpful as well as exercise – eating as little out of a packet as possible, as it is processed, this will have hidden sugars etc in it, more uneeded stuff that might be stored in fat cells etc. The more you can just eat fruit and veggies the better.

    Also – lemon juice, it’s almost like magic. I can’t remember all the science, but it stimulates your metablolism and digestive processes. It’s good to drink in the morning in water, with a spoon of honey (can’t remember if you’re vegan or just veggie?) and squeeze on anything you like – salad, veggie dishes, whatever.

    Good luck, not that you need it, you are SO going to ace this challenge! xx

    • existere Says:

      Yeah, back to trying to only eat what the babies eat! Nothing from packets.

      The lemon juice thing sounds interesting….and tasty. May have to try it out!

      And thank you.

  8. Winnie Says:

    Congratulations! If you keep this up, you’re gonna be fabulously healthy by Christmas! 🙂 Was it just exercise or have you changed your eating habits as well?

  9. Christina Says:

    Have been lurking here for a while now, sorry about that! You have just given me the much needed prod to start working on my 15-20 kilos of left-over baby weight (bub is suddenly 6 months and there goes that ‘just gave birth’ excuse!) It is great to read such positive and determined words. I will come back and read this post when I need the inevitable push to keep going. So, thank you!

  10. JLNickers Says:

    Good job! Keep it up, missus!

  11. Erin Says:

    Great job!! It can be a slow process, but it’s important (at least, helpful for me) to think of it just that way, a process. I told you on twitter I’d link my blog to track my weight loss, then forgot! (I’m @maybaby_Olivia)

    So here it is! After about a week of doing the South Beach diet supercharged and exercise daily (which I’d been doing anyway) I’m down a little over 5lbs. Water weight? Maybe, but I plan on keeping up with the healthy eating and exercise, so we’ll see!

    Nice work again mama!!

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