The day after the day before. You know, today.


So…………….all y’all want to lose weight with me. And a freakish number of you want to lose 60 pounds. Fine. Let’s do it. I like Nastasha’s suggestion of a deadline. So how ’bout we all see how much we can lose between now and Christmas?

I know all the ‘oh, but we gain weight in the holiday season’ shit. Believe me. But better to lose and regain a bit than just gain, amiright?

Who is in?

As of this morning, I am 18 pounds down from my highest weight. I clock in here. Of course, I just ate like three pizzadillas for lunch so may gain a pound from the last hour’s partaking!

I like the idea of weighing in every Sunday, which was my old Weight Watchers day, but know I probably won’t be able to write about it here till Mondays. So…you guys can do the same on your blogs if you have them and leave a link in your comments? Or you can just comment here and that way we all keep up with each other?

Whoever loses the most by Christmas gets a lifetime supply of candy canes. Oh, not healthy? Um, I guess whoever loses the most can wrap their naked body in a big red bow and stand in front of the mirror.

I don’t actually know if I am ready for this, if I’m totally honest. But I am always better at inspiring others than motivating myself….so if I keep pushing for all you people who wrote in my comments, maybe you can keep on pushing for me, too.

Good luck to us all.

And anyone can join in. Anytime. Seriously.

18 pounds down. 60 to go.



11 Responses to “The day after the day before. You know, today.”

  1. Cotterpin Doozer Says:

    I’m joining even though I’ve never commented before. Thanks for doing this – I’m looking forward to this! 🙂

  2. Natasha Says:

    Count me in. Starting at 180lbs. I’d like to loose 40lbs in total. Let’s see who’s the biggest looser on Christmas day 😉

  3. Kara Says:

    Oooo, I’m in!! I recently made a goal to lose 35 lbs by mid January when I visit home (I want to lose 40+ lbs overall), so my goal for our purposes is 30 lbs by Christmas. If we are going to see who is the biggest loser, we should go by percentage lost…IE your goal is 60, Natasha’s is 40, mine is 30…so we should go by who loses the largest percentage of their goal instead of the largest number of pounds. Does that make sense?

    Can we set up a yahoo group or some other venue to discuss?? Maybe we could invite some other Twitter/Facebook mama’s to join? If I have to list my daily meals somewhere for someone to see, to keep me accountable, I’m so much more likely to eat well. Also, if I need to post my exercise somewhere to keep me accountable, that is helpful too!

    For anyone who is interested, on Monday, I am starting the Primal Blueprint diet & exercise routine. There are tons of testimonials + more information on

  4. @TheRealErinHisc Says:

    I think I need to lose a total of 103 pounds to get from my heaviest (August 2010) to my goal.
    I have lost 9 pounds, so far.
    My goal is to lose 10% of my starting weight (26 pounds) by Christmas – to save all you smarty pantses the work, my heavist was a whopping 261 pounds, my goal is 158, but really I’ll be happy in a size 16 or 18 and not give a damn what the scale says.
    Having said ALL that, I am noticing that focusing on the scale is actually discouraging me from keeping up good habits. If I don’t lose in a given week, I start to think that it was all for not – why deprive myself of chips/fries, chocolate and cheese if I don’t get immediate results??? I’ve decided that I want to instead focus on getting in all my workouts every week – every day that I log 25-30 minutes on the Elliptical is a victory. I’m going to keep up with my food diary, because left to my own devices I am apt to go completely out of control, but I won’t be beating myself up when I go over the daily limit. I’ll still weigh myself twice a month, on the first of the month to log my progress and mid-month to check up on whether I need to start pushing myself harder and/or decrease my daily calorie goal.

    • existere Says:

      Yes, I get that way if I gain weight, too. You seem to be my closet person in terms of how much you weigh and what you want to get down to – your highest is a bit higher than mine (242), and your lowest is a bit lower than mine (164). Hopefully we should be able to slough off some pounds as the heavier you are, the quicker it comes off – or that was my experience the last time around, anyway. You sound more sensible and plan-a-rific.

  5. Katie B. Says:

    Since I’m not endeavoring to lose weight (but expect to shed a good 20 or so in one go shortly before Christmas anyway), I’ll simply be cheering from the sidelines. 😀

  6. Shilo Says:

    Yes! Count me in! I started eating properly and exersizing this week. My starting weight is 84kg (185lb) I have a mini goal to get to 75kg (165lb) by my 27th Birthday (15th Dec). I think it’s do-able. I HOPE it’s do-able.

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