BooPooBike: yesterday.



Snort loves to play a little game with me.

You see, we have big glass doors at one end of our lounge, leading out to the patio/garden. When the door is slid all the way open, he stands out on the patio behind the double thickness glass while I say ‘Boo!’ He giggles, then slowly (barely restraining the excitement) leans around to the open part (no glass), while I do the same and…you guessed it….say ‘Boo!’

Yesterday Coconut was paying careful attention to this from the other end of the room. The next thing I know, she’s standing up on the inside and shoving me over. And…can you guess it? She’s looking at him and says ‘Boo!’ Both giggle.

Later, rinse, repeat.

She’s a genius!!


All afternoon I’d been smelling poop. Now, I assure you, my nose does not lie. It’s been finely honed by 13 months of living with two small people who have no compunctions about pooping their pants in the living room. I kept sniffing butts. I kept  sticking my finger in the back of their diapers/trousers to pull them back and peek.

Nothin’. Always nothin’.

Late afternoon, the smell of poop become stronger. I’m sitting on the couch and a little hand is on my knee. I smile at Coconut, who has a funny look on her face. She holds out her hand – and it is grasping a big ass hunk of cat poop. She hands it to me, points to her mouth, and begins to fake gag.

I, her trusty servant, called the national helpline….again. I bemoaned it: ‘Why can’t she just eat nappy cream like her brother?’

Well, apparently cat poop under two weeks old (YUCK) is low toxicity.

Okay, she tasted cat poop. She’s probably still a genius! It’s the wonder of baby led weaning, she’ll try ANYTHING! We have found the one ‘food’ she won’t eat. It’s….okay. I’m sure lots of babies eat cat feces.


So then a bit later, her hands washed obsessively and lots of water having rinsed her mouth, she climbs onto her bike. TMD is home by this time, and we all oblige and say how fabulous Coconut is for having gotten on her bike by herself. We say she must really love her bike.

So then she says, ‘Ba!’

I say, ‘Bike?’

She JUMPS WITH GLEE, screams, and begins to say her version of ‘bike’ over and over again. This is actually something she has been saying a lot lately, but we thought it was babble. I clarify again, ‘You’re saying bike?’

She EXPLODES WITH JOY. Still sitting on the bike, she starts standing up and bouncing rapidly, waving her hands around like a lunatic, clapping for herself (or for us, her thick as shit mothers who only just realised she’s been saying ‘bike’). She then gets off the bike and kneels by its side, chanting ‘bike’ and bouncing and laughing and just being generally hysterical.

Snort’s across the room, and he joins in. So we’ve got these two little jumping beans clapping and squealing and just generally rejoicing. It looks appealing, so I join in. I begin to flap my arms wildly and just let loose with squeals and creepy giggling and cheerleader type excitement. TMD then joins in. We spend about four minutes just acting like apes on speed….and then it’s bathtime.

Yeah, genius.


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4 Responses to “BooPooBike: yesterday.”

  1. Lara Says:

    Too cute!

  2. Tia Says:

    but it all sounds like so much fun……..except for the cat poop part.

  3. The Barreness Says:

    How gorgeous! They do get so excited when they teach you something, don’t they! But I’m worried now… G loves her cats, in fact one of her first words has been CAT (pronounced ‘AT’) – and with 4 around that means cat poo is readily available. I guess it’s only a matter of time, so good to know it’s considered low toxicity!

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