Coconuty cuteness and Snorty smoothness.


In the last week or so:

  • When the pear sauce ran out, Coconut demanded the container. She proceeded to dip her spoon in again and again with a sad, but determined, look on her face. If force of will alone could cause the spontaneous regeneration of pear sauce, she’d do it!
  • Snort and Coconut both understand that you dip spoons into food, and this morning Coconut managed to load her own spoon of Cheerios three times – but didn’t realise she’d done it, and kept handing me her spoon.
  • Snort has started saying ‘Mama.’ Not sure how meaningful it is, but it’s a sound he’s never made before.
  • Coconut has been saying ‘Mama’ for ages, but we think ‘up’ has been added. She also has multiple little signs which I’ll talk about elsewhere!
  • Last night we were all clapping for Coconut as she got onto her bike by herself. Snort? He STOOD INDEPENDENTLY and just clapped and clapped for her. This required a lot of standing, and he was rock fucking solid – even with waving his arms around and laughing!
  • Both are standing on their own more and more….and we seem to have passed the stage where this equals huge falls and bleeding.
  • A couple of nights ago I was making dinner when I heard laughing and happy screaming. I stuck my head into the lounge. We have big, long curtains over our patio doors…Snort was sitting on one side, Coco on the other. They were taking turns to pull the curtain aside and show the other one their face, and just crapping themselves with giggles. My heart melted!! I know I see a lot of The Cute, but this went over & above.
  • Coconut is always giving me her stuffed animals to kisss, partcicularly her beloved Bunny. The other day she made her sock monkey kiss Snort – on the mouth!!
  • As I type they are on the patio, just out of my eye sight, and all I hear is laughing. Love.
  • The other day both kids were snuggling on my lap while we were eating apples. For the first time ever, Snort was seriously offering me bites of his apple and his face was just shining when I took bites! He then proceeded to offer some to Coconut. MELT.
  • Coconut grabbed the salsa jar and just drank the salsa down like water.
  • Snort’s memory is unbelieveable. Possibly more on this in another post, but he remembers where his things are from the day before. And lots more.
  • They both bring me books, but Snort LOVES reading. Yesterday we probably spent at least 70 minutes spread across the day with Can You Moo Too? He kept wanting me to tickle the monkey and make it laugh, and his face was so happy. He was concentrating on this for at least 20 minutes at a time. He also tickled the monkey, kissed it, and did his ‘I love you’ sign to it.
  • If I sing out ‘CHAMPIONS!’ both kids (Snort learned first, now they both do it!) clasp their hands together and raise them over their heads.
  • If you say ‘HeeLLLLoooo’, Coconut puts her hand to her ear like she’s answering the phone, cocks her head, and sort of says it back.
  • Coconut loves dancing. She will dance to anything even remotely resembling music, and spends a LOT of time humming. She will remember a melody and hum it on her own, or hum along while I sing.
  • Snort appears to be allergic to our couch. While this may not register on someone else’s Cute List, it does on mine because what the fuck who is allergic to a couch.
  • If I take the lid of Snort’s pot of goopy cream, he will put the lid back on…and take it off…and put it back on. Same with his bottle lid. As soon as he’s finished, he’ll put the lid on.
  • Coconut is walking like a champion holding hands.
  • Snort can now somehow (how?!?!) open the patio door even when it’s shut tightly. They both let themselves in and out of the house when he manages this.
  • Yesterday Snort stood up, grabbed a cup of water off our main table, drank some, and placed the cup back neat as you please. #grownup
  • When they are both in their cot (which I do for out-of-room nappy changes when one or the other is unhappy), they SHINE. If I say ‘bounce’ they stand up, grab the edge of the railing, and jump like out of control monkeys and just giggle, giggle, giggle.
  • Coconut yogas it up.
  • Snort and Coconut both clap – for themselves, for me, for TMD, for each other. Been doing this a long time, but mostly as a game. Now they do it to show approval of things/people.
  • They are understanding words and when I say them, they do what I say.
  • Coconut will respond to ‘hi’ ‘yay’ etc with a sign of her own making. She’s also created signs for important I WANT THAT.
  • Coconut will play ‘catch’ with a ball….we roll it back and forth. Snort is learning to throw balls and soft blocks. It’s…interesting.
  • Coconut has learned to point to her nose – and everyone else’s.
  • Snort loves to open and shut doors, gates, etc. He will do it for ages.
  • Coconut quacks when she sees a duck.
  • We had big cardboard boxes in our lounge from the carseats, and they LIVED in them for a week. Snort, of course spent a lot of time examining the ‘doors’ of them. One morning they shut themselves into the same box for 40 minutes and all I heard was laughing, with an occasional little hand poking out to snatch a toy and pull it into the box.
  • Snort examines everything. How shoelaces go into shoes, how the bath box latches shut and unlatches, etc.
  • They both reach for the keys on the patio door if it is locked, as well as fiddling with the main latch on the baby gates. Uh oh!
  • A new love for Richard Simmons may be forming – on Tuesday we stood in a circle. I held one hand of each of them and we danced together.
  • Snort sort of head bangs when he dances.
  • Coconut LOVES rapidly shaking her head ‘no,’ I think she likes the dizzies. *I* like holding her hands and shaking her (you know, pulling alternate arms) to make her whole BODY say no, all the while I chant, ‘Shake your bacon, shake your bacon!’
  • Been doing this for months & months, but for memory’s sake: when they are ready for a nap they gather up their blankies and Bunny and come to me. They get themselves comfy – Snort used to crawl into his bouncy chair when he was ready!

I don’t know how it has happened. Even though they are not walking, they have just suddenly become toddlers. Over the course of a week. Is it the emerging language skills, their huge leaps in cognition? Is it how kid-like they seem?

Whatever it is, it’s so fucking cute and makes my heart so happy that I forget to be sad about these end stages of their babyhood.

*I promise to post piccies soon. And a video.

2 Responses to “Coconuty cuteness and Snorty smoothness.”

  1. Gnome Says:

    Lovely 🙂 Can’t wait for the photos and video

  2. jenmum Says:

    That’s so lovely. I guess that at thus age having two is a real plus as they can keep each other entertained and stimulate each others development. Can’t wait to see some piccies!

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