TMD has pleurisy.


Me: Shit. Everyone on Twitter is saying this can turn into pneumonia really easily. I bet you could have walking pneumonia right now.

TMD: Walking pneumonia? You made that shit up.

Me: No, we have it in Country A. I think it’s like, uh, you’ve got pneumonia but it’s not terrible pneumonia yet, so you are still walking around and going about your business.

TMD: You’ve got walking crazy.


4 Responses to “TMD has pleurisy.”

  1. Christy Says:

    I had walking pneumonia a couple of years ago, it sucked. I hope TMD feels better soon.

  2. Jenni Williams Says:

    Lmao. Love TMD. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  3. talesofanunplannedpregnancy Says:

    TMD, walking pneumonia is for real.

    Existere, so is walking crazy.

    much love to you both. ❤

  4. Darlene & Lori Says:

    That is funny….walking crazy. Good one!

    I was diagnosed with pleurisy once….don’t remember hearing anything about pneumonia though……

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