Just a friendly warning, really.


Just for posterity’s sake, just because it’s too good not to mention.

TMD hurts when she breathes. She went to the drop in clinic today to be told what she had sounded like pluresy.  I was like, did you time travel back to the 1700s to catch that shit? Apparently it’s not, but they don’t know what it is. She’s on meds and if it doesn’t clear up she needs chest x rays.

And our little plague of bad luck (I don’t need to remind you of all the injuries and sicknesses, do I? Didn’t think so.) has now spread to the garden. We woke up this morning to two trees that had cracked in half and fallen into our garden*. WTF.

Our radius of evil power is increasing, earthlings.

*Thank god our neighbor on the other side of us is a nice, nice guy. He walked past our flat (seeing me in the ugliest nightgown ever, I’m trying to repress the memory)to check things out. I think he realises we don’t have the time or energy to deal with fallen tree bullshit, so he drove to his dad’s house to get a fucking SAW and took the trees apart and moved them out of our yard.

Here’s hoping the bad luck doesn’t spread slightly to the left, because he doesn’t deserve to be hit by it!



3 Responses to “Just a friendly warning, really.”

  1. P.S. House Says:

    Thank the lawd for your sweet neighbor. Here’s sending nice vibes his way to protect him from your crazy bad luck 🙂 If he wins the lottery this week I want you to know it was all my doing.

  2. Darlene & Lori Says:

    Wow! I seriously hope she is okay. That’s some painful stuff.

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