Update on the blood letting.


Thank you to everyone who got in touch with me after I posted yesterday, either via this blog or elsewhere. It helped.

Right after writing that, TMD got home. I was in floods of tears and escaped to the bedroom. Within five minutes of her being ‘on duty,’ I heard Coconut start screaming uncontrollably, and I heard TMD saying, ‘Oh, honey, your nose is bleeding again.’ Yes, she fell and smashed her face against the tv. Again.

They had dinner and baths, and then just as bathtime was ending I heard an almighty clunk and outraged screaming that lasted forever. Apparently Snort was standing up on the floor, holding on to the tub and bouncing, and came down too hard – effectively smashing his mouth against the edge and biting through his lip. Again. Blood all over himself.

And this morning? Dried blood still all over Coco’s face.

I would not change this.

I like that my children are so fearless, so into exploring, so confident in themselves and the world around them. It just means that during this period, this transition, it’s especially tough.

Coconut’s great trick is letting go of whatever she is holding onto and just free falling. Sometimes she even purposely falls backward while laughing.

Snort’s tricks include yanking open baby gates, opening the patio door (and screaming like bloody murder when he finds I have jimmy-rigged it not to open), and running away. As of this morning, though, he has stood up and let go of shit twice.

Coco, on the other hand, let go of the tv this morning, stood by herself for a couple of seconds, and then managed to carefully lower herself into a sitting position from standing, using nothing for balance. On her side of things, perhaps the edging closer to walking will mean less of the face smashing incidents. On Snort’s, he’s only just starting to take these risks – though at playgroup he did hang on to the handle of a door on a play kitchen ….and while only holding that handle, nothing else, used that hand to open and shut the door multiple times while he was rock steady on his feet.

Nighttimes are a fucking nightmare at the moment. I woke up this morning to come into the lounge. *warning: bad advert for co-sleeping ahead* TMD was lying along the outside of the couch. Both babies were on the inside, lying feet to feet. Everyone was asleep.

The constant night waking is partially because they both have colds…and Snort may be teething as well. But I feel like there is something else going on. The last time we had a week of nightmarish night wakings, they both started pulling up to their feet. I wonder if this spat of night waking is related to possible first independent steps – though I feel like we’re still a month away with Coco for that, and longer for Snort. Both can walk along furniture or walls, and Coconut excels at walking while holding hands – so maybe they are closer than I think?

Maybe I should hand them a deck of cards and see if their new milestone (aka ‘trick’) involves magic.

I am grateful to have babies so securely attached that they are happy to play by themselves, happy to run away and explore every corner of the room at playgroup, happy to be in large groups of other kids and parents. I am happy that being twins means they are more confident and social with other children – something I only noticed yesterday in children that were at least aged 3, and only with pushing and prodding from their parents. All of these are good things.

That’s what I need to keep reminding myself.

Sil sent me a text yesterday saying this is a tricky time as they are both developing real minds of their own (boy HOWDY are they!), but still have limited understanding of things. She says give it a few months – when they are walking, when they have more words it’ll get better again.

I hope she’s right.

It’s also amazing to go from worrying about whether I’ll walk again to complaining about how bad my thigh muscles hurt from the sheer number of times I had to get up off the floor at playgroup. To go from awe at being able to walk to annoyance at how badly it hurts my legs. Funny, that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try to brush their teeth. God willing we’ll all get out of it alive.

(Also, naps are so screwy. Why?? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Even when they are tired it’s pure torture to get them to sleep. This week is kicking my ass.)


3 Responses to “Update on the blood letting.”

  1. saralema Says:

    I’ve have found with MP that when her night sleep is fragmented and interrupted, her naps go all wonky. Putting her to bed earlier helped her sleep better at night and brought back her AM nap, which I thought she was ditching.

    Are their molars bulging? I.hate.molars. HATE them. Sleep was exceptionally rough with the molars coming in because it royally fucked everything up. I prefer not to medicate, but when I discovered her molars were bulging, I would give her tylenol or motrin 30-40 minutes before bedtime and it seemed to help her fall asleep better.

    Oh, and tooth brushing was damn near impossible around that age. Just in the past few weeks I have not had to resort to pinning and manhandling MP to do my half-assed brushing attempt.

    Bottom line- I really think what you are going through is what every babe goes through, except you are getting slammed with two at once. It will get better! Months 14 & 15 are turning out quite lovely at the moment!

  2. Jennie Says:

    With both of mine (obviously singles, so not that useful for you!) I noticed two definite milestones when things got a lot easier a lot more quickly. Three months was when they both started paying proper attention to what was going on around them and needed things less urgently e.g. I could talk to them and distract them for a couple of minutes if they were hungry rather than having to feed them THERE AND THEN! And sixteen to eighteen months was the next milestone, where they became easier to reason with (could more readily accept that something would be dangerous if I told them) and more confidently mobile so less accidents.

    Thinking about it, this is absolutely no help or comfort to you right now when I imagine that eighteen months must feel like a lifetime away! I just wanted you to know that I’m empathising!

  3. mamacrow Says:

    OMG read this book – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wonder-Weeks-Predictable-Development-Characterized/dp/9079208019/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282687840&sr=8-1

    because YES, bad sleep is SO linked to a pscholgical or physiological leep!

    this book helped me a lot, these bad sleeping phases are just that – phases (whoop!)

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