Second post this morning.


After writing the last post (an hour ago) – a true monster of details and circumstances – I decided to approach naptime the way I have always.

Don’t try to put an awake baby to sleep.

If they seem sleepy and I try and they don’t sleep, back onto the floor for five more minutes. Keep trying.

This shit has never failed me, and I don’t know why I suddenly felt like I needed to exert tons of control over their sleeping; I think it’s FEAR. Fear of losing the tandem nap, fear of them not sleeping enough, fear of more afternoon meltdowns.

I did it this morning. Took a couple of attempts, and then Snort just laid nice and still with his blankie, breathing deeper and deeper, eyes slowly blinking, till he conked out. Coco took an extra five minutes, and ended up sitting on my lap and leaning back (I have to hold her if he is asleep as otherwise she will keep patting him and poking him and hitting him till he wakes up!), and lo and behold she ended up passing out as well.

Cue 20 blissful minutes where I googled about how to renew my Country A passport, updated my fitness thingy, etc. I was feeling hopeful and happy about this nap, because Snort is awfully sick and does need sleep…


Woke Snort right up, cue manic screaming for milk, cue Coconut waking up. Cue two poopy diapers.


Ha ha ha ha ha.

See Existere laugh. Laugh, Existere, laugh.


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One Response to “Second post this morning.”

  1. claire Says:

    Oh my god. I remember this so well, and I don’t even have twins, so I can’t imagine how bad it is for you. My kids were both hard work to get to nap as babies and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I did, the phone would ring. WHY I didn’t get a clue and unplug it before I tried to get them to nap, I don’t know, but I never did.

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