When your five a day threatens your health…



Snort just choked.

No crying, no screaming, no breathing choked. Panic in his eyes. Mama lifting him up, flipping him upside down along her leg, ready to give some well placed thumps if he didn’t manage to unchoke.

He did.

Fucking hell, man. If the peanut butter doesn’t get you, the apples will. You know what would be the ultimate Killing Food? Peanut butter on apples.


4 Responses to “When your five a day threatens your health…”

  1. Jehefinner Says:

    You are a sick twisted individual. And I love you for it!!!

  2. Slee Says:

    We’ve had a few actual choking scares around here requiring the inverted baby maneuver. It’s a miracle we all survived to have miracle-they-survived babies. i’m such a wuss, i won’t give snapdragon apples.

  3. Amber Morrisey Says:

    I choke on carrots daily, it amazes me how far babies get without chocking. Scary stuff mama, glad he is alright, and hope you aren’t too shaken up.

    I’ve done my baby flip, back smack a few too many times already. And….we don’t have children.

  4. Amber Morrisey Says:

    I’m also certain I will be grey by the time I am 30.

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