For my love.


Ten years ago today
we talked in metaphor.
After weeks of dating without
saying we were dating,
we were together. For good.

We first exchanged
I Love Yous
on top of the Empire
State Building, facing

We first kissed in a grungy
cabin in the woods.

We first lived in a studio
flat with an insanely yellow
a lobster toy
inexplicably hanging
from the cord.

We have explored
together – America, Scotland,
Italy, Canada, Holland, France,
England, Wales, Ireland –
and probably other places,

We married ourselves with no
fanfare, or legality.
Four years ago today we made
it legal, but
to me
and to you
it is the ten years that count –
the law did not suddenly
make our marriage
more real.

We have lived in tents
for months at a time.
We have lived in that cabin
again and again. We have lived
in one of the world’s biggest
and most beautiful cities.
Now we live here,
surrounded by green.

We have been by bus,
train, plane, car, boat,
foot. Mile after mile in this
me and you.

We have watched my belly
swell and ripen,
we have held two newborn
babies – a son
and a daughter –
and seen our family grow.

We’ve been wowed by our tiny
kitten, we have worked
for the same companies
three times,
we have laughed
and loved
a lot.

Thanks for this
ten years.

Thanks for the next sixty,

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6 Responses to “For my love.”

  1. me Says:

    What a great post

  2. mammapie Says:

    Oh, beautiful. I hope you know you are both so, so beautiful. And your words too.

  3. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    oh… how beautiful!

  4. Henrysmumuk Says:

    Beautiful!! And congratulations on your anniversary. xxx

  5. Katie B. Says:



  6. Tia Says:

    🙂 so wonderful.

    happy anniversary loves! xoxo

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