Coconut is okay..


Coconut is home, safe and sound. Her frenulum was indeed torn, but not severed. Thank fucking god, am I right?

It’s a bit grotesque in that she is still bleeding. All it takes is one little knock from a toy or finger and the next thing you know she’s got blood smeared on her dimples, her little perfect lips, her round cheeks.

We’ve been told to give her ibuprofen for a few days to keep swelling down and to go back to the hospital if it hasn’t healed in two days. Or in case of infection. So….fingers crossed all is well. We’re flushing the area with water after every meal to keep any grimy bits of food out.

And I just want to say thank you to people who commented here, for the dozens of supportive tweets I got, and for the people who were watching the play-by-play on facebook and being so lovely. It really made me feel comforted and well surrounded by friends – even those I have not met in person or may never meet – to have that instant group of people cheering for us. Thank you so much!

Oh, also? When TMD got to reception, she was told another toddler boy had just come in for a split lip after a fall. TMD had a brief chat with his mum in children’s A&E, and then just before she took Coco in to see the doctor, ANOTHER mother came in with a toddler who’d just fallen and gashed their mouth open.

August 7 – National Fall and Smash Your Mouth Day!


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7 Responses to “Coconut is okay..”

  1. Jenni Williams Says:

    So glad she is ok! It happens all the time. Toddlers are nuts.

  2. Katie B. Says:

    Very glad she’s ok. Babies (and toddlers) are made of rubber, but even rubber can break.

  3. Jennie Says:

    Oh my goodness, what a trauma (for you and her!!). I’m glad she’s OK, but it’s always so panic-inducing when there’s blood, isn’t it? And that amount of blood must have been awful!

    Perhaps baby crash helmets are the way forward…!

  4. boo Says:

    so glad she’s okay. baby pain is the worst in the world to watch so many virtual hugs heading your way…

  5. Shilo Says:

    Oh no wayyyy, poor Coconut! You are so brave, I would have cried my eyes out seeing and dealing with that. I am not tough when it comes to the kids in pain! Please give Coconut a massive cuddly hug from her fans in Australia xxx

  6. Winnie Says:

    thank goodness!! I’m sooooo glad she’s ok!

  7. Christy Says:

    I’m soooo glad that Coco is fine.

    Wow, I guess it was fall and smash your face day.

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