And we had CAKE. Then this happened.


We had the best day, and instead of writing about that I’m writing to say that Coconut is being rushed to the hospital as we speak.

Neither of us is certain what happened, but it involved a very hard fall. The first thing I noticed was blood pouring from her mouth, and then that was quickly overtaken by the blood gushing from her nose. And, of course, her little face screwed up in pain – blood all over her face, her body, my breasts.

We are not freaker outers – Snort has had some pretty bad falls recently. We’re talking two mouth bleeds, a nose bleed, and a gash in his chin. (Fuck, we sound negligent, but try looking after two almost toddling twins!)

We got a cloth, stopped the nose bleed, and then offered her the obvious medical solution – a popsicle. Nice and cool for swelling and pain, and a good flavour for distraction (and made from orange juice to help the poopage).

She calmed down but was still unhappy. I happened to be on the phone with my mom, a nurse of many, many years, who said we needed to check her frenulum – you know, the little bit that connects your lip to your gum. She mentioned if it had been cut that it could cause speech disorders as that is what helps your lip to move.

We flushed her mouth with cool water, gently lifted her lip (remind me to tell you about all the actual ‘medical’ training we have. No lie – we’ve both been trained up to the level of being an ambulance helper outer….though I readily admit I know shit all about frenulums!), and there it was. TMD reckons the entire fucking frenulum has been neatly severed from her gum, though of course we only had the briefest look as this caused her pain and crying. And homie don’t keep her mouth open if it hurts.

So TMD got Coco into her pajamas and carseat as I gathered a sling, the onbag (nappy bag of choice for babywearers!), bunny, bottles, etc. Off to the hospital they went, while I went straight to Gohonzon and chanted with Snort (after my initial panic tweets!). We’ve finished chanting, but I’ve left the Budsudan open and feel much calmer. Snort’s in his pjs, milked up, teeth cleaned. I’m going to try to get him to sleep despite the vast amounts of chocolate cake and squash (and let’s not forget his sister’s bloody popsicle remains) coursing through his veins.

TMD just texted to say they’ve arrived at the hospital, so now we wait.


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3 Responses to “And we had CAKE. Then this happened.”

  1. christy Says:

    OMFG poor baby and mommies. I nearly had a panic attack when I read your tweets so I can just imagine what you guys were going through. I’m really sorry and hope she’s fine.

  2. Slee Says:

    poor sweeting. toddlers are hard to keep from falls. i hope she heals well.

  3. Darlene Says:

    Don’t know how I missed all this on here and Facebook but, I did. Glad that it is all okay. As a former Dental Assistant I can say that it will heal so fast it will surprise you.

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