And that’s to say nothing of the choking with laughter while the other three cut down trees and ran from snails.


I laughed so long and so hard today.

We’ve decided to skip the normal birthday party stuff as it wouldn’t actually be that much for the babies or for us, so instead we are having a bunch of smaller visits from family & friends to help celebrate Snort and Coconut’s upcoming first birthday.

Today was the first party, with their big ol’ gay uncles (and non-god godfather) Compadre and C Dawg. These two boys are so funny and so lovely to be around. But before they came, TMD suggested the four of us (you know, 2 moms + 2 babies = 4 of us) go for a walk, with the idea that I would stop and go home when it was too much. And maybe it wasn’t the longest walk for an able bodied person, but for me it was a loooong walk. And it was good. No crutches, no support belt, minimal pain. No turning back, either.

We went around the neighborhood, we went on the quite rural road behind our house, we went through the park (with a stop off for baby swinging and adult terror rides on the spring mounted animals), and then back home the long way. And it was good.

Then C Dawg and Compadre came. We laughed and talked and ate and played, and then decided we needed ice cream to top things off. A walk to the local shops was deemed necessary, and I decided to come along with no hesitations. And it was amazing.

It felt ‘normal.’ I felt like the old me. Just walking along the street with friends, laughing, sipping ice tea, joking, messing around. I haven’t felt like that in two years.

Two years of being confined to my living room, of wishing I had just one day where I could feel like me again. Turns out today was that day.

It feels like a miracle.


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6 Responses to “And that’s to say nothing of the choking with laughter while the other three cut down trees and ran from snails.”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    awwwwww- that sounds wonderful!!!

    a whole year already though??!! oh my- it sure doesn’t feel that long!! Well, even though I’m not certain of the EXACT day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNORT AND COCO!!!

  2. Henrysmumuk Says:

    Wow!!! I’m so pleased for you. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to those beautiful babies of yours. Enjoy the rest of your celebrations.


  3. Jenni Williams Says:

    I feel like crying tears of joy for you. Fan-freakin-tastic.

  4. Katie B. Says:

    Sooo happy for you!!! Sounds like an AMAZING day. 😀

    On a related note: I went to my chiropractor of choice yesterday, to begin treatment. The left side of my pelvis is definitely canted forward, and she’s starting to work on that. She’s not ever going to be able to “fix” my scoliosis (didn’t expect she could), but she was definitely happy I came in now, rather than at 38 weeks and wanting miracles! 🙂 I comment here, because I know you’re interested in my SPD journey, and I don’t know when I’m going to get around to blogging next.

  5. talesofanunplannedpregnancy Says:

    i can’t believe in 10 days the babies will be a year old. A YEAR!k

    congrats on having a fantastically normal day. ❤

  6. Jess Says:

    Woo hoo!!!!

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