I am jealous of MYSELF for having twins!


And the other morning you were wreathed in smiles. Both of you.

Seeing each other for the first time that morning, racing on all fours to meet in the middle of the room, beaming faces. You both reached out at the same time, and then leaned in to the embrace of the other.

Sometimes you guys make me laugh; I think of you as wolf puppies. Because it’s so common to see someone on all fours, leaning in and putting their forehead against the other – just for a minute. Just to say I love you, just for comfort, just for fun. Snort, you just did it to the cat…and then crawled over to Coconut and kissed her hand, the one with the thumb plugged in her mouth.

You crawl fast, looking over your shoulder like, ‘Hey, follow me! Let’s play!’ And the other one always follows. You go in circles. You each ‘hide’ on one side of a big toy, leaning around to ‘surprise’ each other and oh, how you laugh. How you laugh.

When you are together, when you poke at mouths or hug or crawl into a big tangled mess of baby, you laugh in a special way. It is awesome, and magical, and shared. It is delight and joy and love – and it amazes me.

And yesterday when Snort was crying, he was on my lap and I stroked his hair and he continued to cry. Coconut climbed up next to him, slung an arm around him, and she proceeded to stroke his hair. His crying stopped instantly.

In the bath, he will scream and kick and splash while looking at her insistently. She joins in, doing it for him, and they smile so big it seems like someone is going to explode from all the love. She wants to follow him everywhere, even onto ground that’s all rocky and covered in spiky pine needles.

And you guys, for months now you’ve loved putting a finger – or usually your entire hand – into my mouth, curling your fingers down to grab my lower jaw, and pulling my face to yours. Now you do it to each other, too.

You’ve started to share toys, to trade toys, to be more gentle when the other has something you want. You are always watching each other. You stand up next to each other a lot. Coconut pulls up on Snort’s shirt and hangs on to him. Snort enjoys everything more if he can entice her to follow him and join in.

Twins are awesome.

Twins are the best.

Twins are laughing and loving and learning. Twins are comforting to each other, twins are fun to play with, twins will play peek-a-boo and hug and cuddle each other. Twins wrestle, twins pet each other (Coconut is obsessed with his hair!), twins have one hell of a good time.

Sometimes we just stop and watch how Snort and Coconut are with each other. The deep and obvious love they have for each other, even at such a young age. The way they are already playing meaningfully together (singletons can’t really play with another child until they are much older..). Everything about them is so special and funny and charming.

They’re so cool, so kickass, and….wow.

Just wow.


6 Responses to “I am jealous of MYSELF for having twins!”

  1. Gnome Says:

    Just lovely. You are so lucky to have them

  2. Jenni Williams Says:

    Dude, pureawesomness. LOVE.

  3. bellygirls Says:

    “And yesterday when Snort was crying, he was on my lap and I stroked his hair and he continued to cry. Coconut climbed up next to him, slung an arm around him, and she proceeded to stroke his hair. His crying stopped instantly.”

    Awesome! I love this post and I love how your twins react to eachother. Their love for one another only mirrors the love you and TMD show them everyday. Good job to the both of you!

  4. Jess Says:

    Awww…. I’m jealous of you too! 😉 You’re right, there’s something about twins. My twin sisters (younger than me) have something going on that I miss from the relationship that I, as the older sibling, have with each of them.

  5. Katie Says:

    I agree! We are the lucky ones, huh? … Actually, they are the lucky ones. Twins are magical.

  6. Lara Says:

    Thank you for this post, I have just found out I am having twins, and am struggling to see the good side. How old are your twins, and when did it start being a bit easier?

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