Snort’s hips are a-okay!


Where do I start? Family drama, the definition of the word ‘toddler,’ first bithday plans….or maybe Snort’s hips.

I know it’s been like 7,000 years since I first wrote about his possible hip dislocation and my resulting freak out that he would need surgery, traction, and a stay in hospital – but that’s because the health system moves slowly here. It’s ‘free’, so that’s awesome, but it’s one turtle that is unlikely to ever win a race.

Anyway, he had his hip ultrasound this morning. Jesus, he was squealing like a stuck pig, trying to crawl off the table, thrashing around – until I stepped in. Oh, my friend, with a pink rattle, a red plastic fish that puffs air out, and my excellent ‘enthusiastic face/voice’ that kid was mesmerized.

So were the health professionals. But I digress.

The lady didn’t get any excellent shots of his hip to send to the radiologist because of the aforementioned crazy, but she did say she saw enough to see that his hips were perfectly healthy.

Another thing to be thankful for on this humid, still morning.



2 Responses to “Snort’s hips are a-okay!”

  1. P.S. House Says:


  2. Jess Says:

    Wow, that must be a load off your mind!! 😀 Phew!

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