PIZZADILLA: The Musical!!


Settle down in your seats –  the show is about to start. I hope you have snacks that are quiet to chew, because you don’t want to disturb those sitting near you – you’ll all have to concentrate to understand the complex truths and subtle messages contained within this great musical…

The red curtain parts….


(Notice how both babies manage to ignore my rousing performance? It’s because they are used to me behaving this way. I do it a lot. *kiss*)

pizzadilla recipe


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15 Responses to “PIZZADILLA: The Musical!!”

  1. Skeet Says:

    Genius. Walnut kept trying to touch the screen. Awwww. I expect these pizzadillas next visit!

  2. Mammapie Says:

    They are so funny. I got a kick out of how you kept saying “quesadilla” and then being all “I mean pizzadilla!”

  3. Mammapie Says:

    Oh, and your screenplay, and your plot line was carried perfectly by the two small twin stars. They presented their water bottles to be pretend dropped at the PERFECT moment in your lines and the “near choking” was also acted at the cusp of your vocalization: “oh, he’s gagging..”

    Very talented little folk they are indeed.

  4. Matt Says:


  5. Sarah Says:

    love it!

  6. Natasha Says:

    Oh my God I LOVE it!! 😀 You are so my sort of Mama! hahaha

  7. Diane Says:

    I am laughing my ass off at this. And the twins? EVEN CUTER in live action than in pictures.

  8. alissa Says:

    they are so cute! and that looks so yummmm.

  9. JayElle Says:


    I love that they aren’t even paying attention to the theatrics.

    Its all about the Pizzadilla

  10. The Barreness Says:

    Love how they are all, “Yeah, Mum – whatever”. Clearly they are used to you entertaining yourself like this! I’ve been serenading the Bee to the Star Wars theme, La Cucheracha and the best of Destiny’s Child. She’s still spitting food out, but now she does it with a smile! I’m jealous that your two have dining companions though, that must be fun for both of them.

  11. Cookie Says:

    I just watched this twice, and may go for it again. I can’t believe I waited this long.
    Some of my favorite highlights include:

    “Just kidding, I was holding my water the whole time.”
    “I don’t want to be pedantic.” (Coco is SO smart!)
    “I’m making a funny face!” (I also love how Snort’s voice sounds just a little bit like Animal from the Muppets!)
    “It made his eyes water a bit, but that’s the risk you take…”

    I love you and all of your mad skillz. Those babies are DAMN lucky to have you. Actually, we all are. And by “we”, I mean the world, as I represent humankind.

  12. Shilo Says:

    hahaha You are one crazy mumma, and I damn well love it.

  13. Little Fishy, the ‘Musical’!!!! « existere (latin): to stand out, to emerge. Says:

    […] sure you all remember my first attempt at immortalizing the fact that my life is, in fact, a musical. Tonight’s effort shows what […]

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