I should have been an artist. (aka: updates in pictoral form)



We think he’s having night terrors. They feature in babies and toddlers who are sleep deprived, which our young friend certainly is since he’s been ill. He wakes up about two hours after going to sleep and screams like a mofo – there is no stopping him, he gets no comfort from us, he seems sort of unaware of what’s going on.

His eyes are also leaking a horrid pus discharge*. So he’ll need to go to the doctor’s again tonight, which will reeeally help with the whole ‘getting him to have enough sleep so he doesn’t wake up in the midst of his own personal Armageddon’ thing.


I went to the spinal surgeon today. I don’t know who remembers, or if I said, but when I went to my normal doctor and explained my problem, he was all, ‘Yo, okay, I’ll send you to a back surgeon.’ And I was all, like, totally, ‘No, dude, the problem isn’t my back. It’s my pelvis. They are two different things.’ And then he was like, ‘There is no such thing as a pelvic specialist, bitch, so you are going to take the referral I give you and be grateful.’ So I was like, ‘Fine, thank you’ while muttering hoaxes under my breath.

So the referral wound its way around and I ended up in an expensive private hospital to get free care. I saw the surgeon for about, oh, four minutes. He did some brief tests, said he didn’t want to perform a fusing surgery on someone so young (I am sure I will write about this in more detail at some point) and I actually needed to see….HOLD YOUR BREATH….a pelvic specialist.

He then dictated a letter to be sent to my doctor, who would have to rerefer me to the pelvic pain specialist at this ritzy hospital. The good news is that he mentioned what I assumed is prolotherapy (google it) and laser treatment (I had not heard of this, either!). So if the health service is willing to pay for these things, I may get them.

All in all, I think I am improving, anyway. This surgeon said damage to my joint would be permanent, but that my ligament would heal with treatment and minimize future damage…hopefully.

* I wanted to write ‘pussy’…as in pus plus ‘e’…but no matter how much I knew what I meant, it sounded too much like I was talking about female genitalia.


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9 Responses to “I should have been an artist. (aka: updates in pictoral form)”

  1. Diane Says:

    Poor Snort! Those illustrations seriously cracked me up. FWIW, I totally read pussy as PUSSy, the way you would have intended it. Maybe I just don’t have a dirty mind? Hmm … that can’t be it.

  2. Slee Says:

    When snapdragon was teehing hard he’d have the middle-of-the-night-unaware-of-my-surroundings-unwilling-to-nurse-or-cuddle screams. They have been blissfully gone for a few weeks now, but were becoming a nightly ritual in our house. I hope you find a good solution to these night terrors and as for pussy eyes, I hope the doctor can help. Snapdragon gets the greek guck eye when he has tear duct issues & it is grosstastic.

  3. Megs Says:

    That last comment is hilarious. I always have to say pussy/pus-y in my head first before I say it in case the wrong one comes out.

  4. Natasha Says:

    Oh no! I hope his eyes get better soon. My girls have snotty eyes but I’m pretty sure it is allergy-eyes rather than an infection.

    Anna gets terrible night terrors. Except Anna is never sleep deprived. She, like her Mummy and Daddy, loves her sleep. She always gets a full 12 hours sleep per night, but occasionally she will wake up, only an hour or so after I have put her down, in the middle of what appears to be an awful nightmare except she seems to be awake and is inconsolable.

    One night last month was the worst. I heard her screaming so I ran through to her room and tried to pick her up and cuddle her but she pushed me away and ran down the hall to our bedroom. I picked her up and carried her onto our bed but she was still screaming. She kept pointing but I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to point at. I tried to cuddle her but she pushed me away and when I saw her eyes they were totally terrified and it was as if she was looking straight through me! It was absolutely horrible.

    When I gave her some space she curled up on my pillow after staring into mid-air for a few minutes with wide eyes, and just went back to sleep.

    It was devastating that I couldn’t help and my efforts only seemed to make her worse. Through many night terrors since then, I have learnt and come to accept that I can’t help her when she has these experiences and I just have to let her come through the other end – All of my efforts to help, only make her worse, more terrified; they seem to push her deaper into her terror 😦

    It is absolutely horrible to watch and to hear my baby in terror, and so upsetting. I feel so useless that I can’t do anything to make her better. I keep thinking, maybe if I can shake her a bit, or call her name, or just hug her tightly she’ll snap out of it, but every time I try one of these, its like she thinks I am shouting AT her, or trying to restrain her… It’s like I become a part of her nightmaire. I hate to see her terrified, what appears to be, OF ME. So I leave her to it now. And she does come out the other end. It takes a lot to accept there is nothing I can do but observe, and let her get through it herself 😦

    If there is any consolation I can offer, it is that Anna doesn’t seem to remember her night terrors and goes straight back to sleep afterwards, and I don’t think they effect her when she is awake at all. She wakes up in the morning happy and in a good mood just as if nothing had ever happened in the night.

    Night terror talk aside, I have to say I loved your art work. I should be an artist, too (or a prophet!). When I was 18 I doodled this:

    This was just a daydream at the time. Remarkably it came true! Ha.

    PS: I can’t stop LOLing at your pussy / pus-sy!

  5. Darlene Says:

    The prolotherapy sounds very intriguing. Wondering if it would help my mother’s inoperable hip and my lower back. Hmmm, will have to do more research and check into whether this would be covered by our insurance or be considered experimentive….either way, thank you for sharing this. You never know when you mention something whether it will be of benefit to someone else. If you go for it, let us know how you do. Damaged joints in your 50’s is a nightmare as most need to be replaced at that point and require a butt load of physical therapy.

    • existere Says:

      Prolotherapy is when a substance is injected into a ligament. It’s abrasive, so causes scarring – this effectively means the ligament thickens and becomes stronger. Hope it can help you guys out!

      My whole family have dodgy knees and arthitis, so that’s something for me to look forward to. 😉

  6. existere Says:

    FWIW = for what it’s worth? just guessing – TMD

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