A…is for AWESOME….


I hate when people put youtube videos up on their blog. Hate it. HATE IT.

But that being said, there’s a certain clip from Sesame Street I stumbled on the other day. And myself and Snort whipped our heads toward the screen, our jaws dropped, and I don’t think either of us breathed the whole time we were watching  it. I’m still not sure if it is wonderful or horrible, and I’ve seen it about 500 times.

It’s a song, and the break-it-down part goes, ‘A….is for apple…will you sing it with me….1, 2, 3….APPLE!’

So I’m in the kitchen about 40 minutes ago, making bottles and stuff. I start singing this song but with words of my choice (TMD and I did this in the middle of the night last night and it was fun then). I know Coco has pooped, and so I’m like:

P…..is for poop….will you sing it with me….1, 2, 3….POOP! Except I never got past ‘p is for poop’ because in my head I heard ‘PEE is for poop’ and that struck me as particularly awesome and I giggled.

Then Coco is looking in at me and Snort crawls up and there are two little people looking hungry/intrigued/resentful/bored. So I start counting the number of scoops into Coco’s bottle and then I burst into crazy feet stomping singing:

S….is for seven….will you sing it with me….1, 2, 3……..SEVEN

And this made me laugh. Out loud. LOL, if you will. OMG, do u get it? One, two, three, SEVEN!! Har de har har. That is funny, right? Funny enough that if you discovered it, you would immediately sing it again – twice – right?



And if you wanna see it, here it is. But note I put it at the bottom of the entry and it is totally optional to your reading pleasure:

Fuck. Just reading this again while struggling mightily to embed the video, it made me aware of the whole minefield of other awesome options.

N…is for nine….will you sing it with me….1, 2, 3…..NINE

Oh, come on. You know it’s cool.


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One Response to “A…is for AWESOME….”

  1. Pshouseblog Says:

    T is for ten won’t ya sing it w/ me…1,2,3…..10!

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