Updating you on every development in my life.


I thought Thursday night was the worst night of sleep I’d ever had in my life, but then last night happened. Snort was awake for two hours in the night and not very happy was he. TMD was out in the lounge chillaxin’ with him (read: trying to stay conscious to make sure he didn’t eat an electrical plug or something) while I hung out with Coconut in bed (read: got pushed to the very edge and then hit when I refused to move over even more).

Woke up this morning enough to tell TMD I was going to sleep a little bit more. When I did finally roll out of bed, TMD was on the couch with Snort looking at the computer, while Coconut was hanging on to TMD’s leg. What was she looking at, you ask? Why, at home assessments for illness.

Snort is SO HOT he is like a little water bottle. Don’t think this is teething as there is no pain, but he’s got a fever (that escalated to 38 degrees despite being medicated), whines unless being held, and is now ‘awake’ after an unexpected nap. ‘Awake’ means he is sitting in a bouncy chair, totally listless and cuddling his muslin.

Both kids are stripped back to just nappies as it is hot, hot, hot. I’m a stinkbomb who has not showered and I am still wearing yesterday’s knickers. Worse than that, I’m still wearing the pad I wore to bed because since waking up there has been no opportunity to change it. Even now, while I write this entry, I am rocking Snort’s chair while he decides if he wants to sleep more or wake up. Either is okay with me, but this middle ground of being dopey is sort of creepy.

I’m trying not to be my mother. I will write a post shortly about her hypochondriac by proxy ass, but in the meantime….we did call the national health service, who said watch him, medicate him, and give him ice lollies. And probably take him to the doctor’s this afternoon – definitely if he gets worse, maybe if he stays the same.

They’ve never had ice lollies before.

I’m thinking the best place to eat them is in the garden, followed by a little swim in our paddling pool. But do you let sick 10 month olds swim??


4 Responses to “Updating you on every development in my life.”

  1. Gnome Says:

    Hugs to the little mite, and all of you. Hope he cools down soon xxx

  2. Lara Says:

    If it’s as hot as you say then I would say sure they can swim.
    Quinn was mysteriously feverish this week. I took him to the doctor after just over 48 hours. I felt a bit silly because of course the fever was gone by the time I got there because the medication finally really started working. But each time the fever had come back it was higher until is was 39.3 in his underarm (which means it was higher!)
    Anyways, the doctor said that a fever with no other symptoms for more than 48 hours is worthy of a doctor’s appointment to rule out anything serious – even if it is unlikely that is anything serious.
    Quinn’s fever disappeared about 12 hours later. I hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. Winnie Says:

    I’m so sorry your babies are sick! I hope they get better soon and you get to shower at some point! xxxx

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