Titanic conversations.


Me’ feels she has to share her disturbing feelings about a certain movie and get some reassurance.

Me: I’m just thinking about that scene in Titanic with the Irish lady and the…

TMD: What? What scene?

Me: You know, in the movie Titanic, the mum knows she’s not going to get her or her kids out from below deck, so she..

TMD: I am just thinking about that Irish lady we saw at the park today.

Me: Yeah, well, anyway – the Irish lady sees she’s not going to get her boy and her girl out, and so she takes them back into their room, tucks them into bed, and tells them a lovely story. But she knows they are all about to die.

TMD: Starts crying.

Me: What? What are you….are you okay?

TMD: Still crying. Why would you tell me that? That’s a horrible thing to tell someone.

Me: Thinking, I know, that’s why I told you. I wanted to say that wouldn’t it be awful to pass your baby through the gate and never know if they’ll survive, but you know you’ll die….but they probably will survive and that’s all that matters. Um, I just thought you would know that scene. I’m sorry.

TMD: I am hot, and tired, and emotional. I did not know that scene; I’ve seen the movie only one time. That is a horrible thing. Begins to cry again. I don’t know why you would tell me that. Grabs a baby from me and throws them in the bathtub, grabs the other kid and says, Your mama just told me a horrible story.

Me: …..Feels a terrible urge to laugh, even while still worrying about the boat going down scenario and the chance to save your child. Or the even worse one of knowing you’re all about to die, but trying to stay calm and make your children feel safe, loved, and happy.

TMD: Bathes children.

Me: Writes blog entry.

TMD: (in bathroom) I just love you guys. Starts crying again. I love you so much. You are the best babies ever, and I love you more than anything.

Me: Feels distinctly uncomfortable about writing about this, and clicks ‘save to drafts.’


10 minutes later

TMD: You made me feel really uncomfortable with that story you told me.

Me: I wrote a blog entry about it.

TMD: I thought you would.


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7 Responses to “Titanic conversations.”

  1. TMD Says:

    And then you made me read the entry to check that I was ok with it being published… so I had to be reminded about the story AGAIN. Cruel.

  2. Tia Says:

    hilarious. i would have laughed. hell, i’m laughing now.

    i think that officially means TMD will hate me & me & you are very much alike & i’m super pissed that we aren’t neighbors. i want to make you watch japanese anime & i want to go to the grocery store & put my boobs on the scale to see how much they weigh. i know you would approve of this.

  3. Darlene Says:

    Two words: Hormonal imbalance. Always good for a laugh. That is hilarious and I can’t stop laughing either.

  4. CJ Says:

    You girls should have your own sitcom. For real.

  5. boo Says:

    i’m with tia on this. and what’s more, 1 kilo each. but on our postal scales as we live in a small village and there is no grocery store. or in fact, any store. just fields and a bizarre underground city. i kid you not.
    still, i’m glad that you didn’t have to make the decision about happy death or just death.

  6. bellygirls Says:

    LOL I really did Laugh Out Loud at this!

  7. P.S. House Says:

    Dear TMD,
    this story made me cry too. I’m all blubbery over here- those babies, babies should never die and mamas should never lose their sweet bubs. And my head hurts from too many sad thoughts.

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