We make all decisions based on intelligent conversations.


(can you believe this happened a month and half ago?? IMAGINE how good their raspberries are now after six additional weeks of practice!)


6 Responses to “We make all decisions based on intelligent conversations.”

  1. P.S. House Says:

    T lurves this! Also, you have a pretty voice 🙂

  2. Tia Says:

    I’ve watched this like a jillion times. I love it.

    I want to nom on those baby cheeks!!!!!!

    Such sweet babies. They’re lucky to have you as a mom. I wish you were my mom. (and i know you’re lucky to have them).

  3. Alicia (formerly tattoos&drool) Says:

    OMG. I want them to come play with my bebe. She needs raspberry playmates!

  4. Alicia (formerly tattoos&drool) Says:

    God I typed my url wrong. What a whacko.

  5. bellygirls Says:

    Two peas in a pod… they are! Adorable!

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