What’s up, doc? Can I CALL you doc?


I am feeling deliciously lazy and brain dead, due to over consumption of Dawson’s Creek today. I know I have a formspring account, but also: make life easy for me. Is there anything you wanna know?

How old was I when I got married?

When did I know I was gay?

What the fuck does TMD stand for, again?

How did we pick the names of our babies?

Ask anything in the comments section. I am a chronic oversharer, so you are unlikely to ask something I will refuse to answer. Or feel uncomfortable about being asked. You ask the questions, and you make my diary writing easy on this lovely bank holiday weekend.

I’ll answer any questions in the next entry or two.

You can be anonymous if you want.

Now everyone PLEASE ask questions so I don’t look like a total tool for writing this entry and having nothing to respond to!! You, uh, owe it to yourself because if you read the diary of a tool….guess what, you are a tool. (Except when you are reading the diary of your best friend’s ex who is a tool but you need good spying material to laugh about behind their back. Then you aren’t a tool….or wait, maybe you still are. Hell, who am I kidding. Maybe I am. So help untool me, because for the love of tool, I can’t seem to stop tooling saying that tool of a word.)



18 Responses to “What’s up, doc? Can I CALL you doc?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    How has becoming parents changed your relationship with TMD? Has it changed?

  2. Mamapshouse Says:

    What do you do when you’re sick? Like with a cold? Do you whine and campout on the couch with soup or totally deny your sickness any energy?

  3. Mamapshouse Says:

    What’s your favorite outfit like? Mine is dark jeans and a tank top under my favvvvorite plaid shirt (yes I know the inherent dangers of wearing plaid) that buttons down but has always missed a few buttons, and I like that about it. And my sneaky red converses. Of course.

  4. Mamapshouse Says:

    One more….do you think you will
    ever live stateside again? And if not can you please get a bigger flat so I can Come and meet you properly?

  5. existere Says:

    This is TMD – sorry I don’t know how to log you out. Am I allowed to ask questions?

    Have you always been afraid of taking things out of the oven?

    Do you remember the first journal you kept?

    If FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE you could only have one of the following, which would you choose? Books, Blog, TV.

  6. Ashley Says:

    what reactions do you get from others when they realize youre a gay parent?

    whats your favorite babycarrier & why?

  7. Kara Says:

    Can you pleaseeeeee move to Seattle? 😉

  8. Skeet Says:

    Who makes the best cups of tea? Aussie or TMD?

  9. Mamapshouse Says:

    –Can I boot the other commenters who sound like they really know you and TMD in real life in the ass?

  10. Kelley Says:

    Have you ever had “your nails done”? I’m 24 and have not. I’m very ticklish and am afraid it would make me pee my pants and therefore be a waste of mulah

  11. Rabbi Jones Says:

    What are you afraid of? For me it’s oral sex (what? A I’m a rabbi for a reason) spiders, elevators, raw or undercooked eggs, bees….

  12. Petulence McGlab Says:

    Are you good at standing up for yourself? And what’s your favorite restaurant? Also, Favorite Etsy shop?

  13. Darlene Says:

    Do you offer free online counseling? lol

  14. Winnie Says:

    If Country A offered the same type of benefits for lesbian/gay couples as Country B does, would you come back to live in Country A? Why or why not? (I hope I got the countries right! lol)

  15. bellygirls Says:

    I LOVE Q&A!

    Here’s mine –

    Now that you are a mother, have you done or said anything that you promised yourself that you would NEVER say (before becoming a mother)? If so, details please. 🙂

  16. curiouscat Says:

    how do you like to masturbate? how often did you masturbate before having kids? how often now?

  17. curiouscat Says:

    has having kids changed your breast or vagina sensitivity? has it changed your appetite for sex?

  18. Gnome Says:

    Hello existere!

    Is it too late to pose a question? If not:
    If you could choose, would you have a preference for Snort and Coco being gay or straight (assuming their happiness either way)?
    Also, do you believe nurture plays a part in a person’s sexuality, or is it entirely nature?

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