Update to the Cheesy! Veggie! Nuggets! And more about raising twins, post the nasty nine month mark!!!


I am a crazy person. TMD responded to a comment last night, offering more specifics about how she cheesyveggienuggets it up.

I was all, Oh, shit! Should I add this to the original entry? Then people might miss it. Or write a new entry, and then add to the old one? OH MY GOD! THE RESPONSIBILITY IS KILLING ME!!

So I’ve decided to just put their little convo up here, and then you guys can edit the recipe yourself.

PottyMouthMommy (hi!) says:

You are my hero and I am SOOOOO going to make these now… I’m drooling just thinking of them…

Just a question though: what type of frozen veggies work best? I’m thinking probably a broccoli/cauliflower mix but would peas and carrots work too?? hmmmm maybe time for some kitchen experimentation for me!!!

TMD says:

Hi, this is TMD. I think any old veg would be fine… I tend to use el cheapo mixed veg which is heavy on the carrots, sometimes add some extra peas and once added leftover green beans so they wouldn’t get wasted.

Ratio I use is – 4oz bread crumbs, 4oz grated cheese, 8oz veg but accuracy is not really a necessity. Extra breadcrumbs for coating… I never leave enough!! Let me know what other veg combos are good!

So. This is my contribution to your life.


Catsandcradles says:

So, um, do I have to have a baby to make these? Because they sound kind of tasty for grown-ups too.

I say (here but not in the old comments section, see my aforementioned horror at the responsibility of it all):

I wish you hadn’t told me you were going to make these. I now have a responsibility to report you to the appropriate….oh, wait. You guys are pregnant!! That totally counts. Make ’em.


Seriously, folks, the other recipe I want to share??? Fucking cheese & broccoli MUFFINS.  There is also goats cheese and cauliflower muffins. We haven’t made either of these things yet, but I guess you could make them and then tell TMD how great they are so she will make them, too.

In other news, I woke up before 6:30 am this morning and had nachos for breakfast. With a mug full of diet coke.

Why? Because I no longer eat dinner or brush my teeth at night. I simply don’t have the energy.

All the happy clappy crap about how easy twins are? I’m over it. Twins are easy till they hit 9 months, and then the next thing you know you’re calling a national helpline about whether or not the Sudocrem (nappy cream) your baby ate is going to poison him. Or you are lunging to catch your baby girl as she falls headfirst toward the floor, because you failed to snap her correctly into her Handy Sitt. (twice!)

Or they are chewing on cords pulsing with electricity, or following you to the stairgates and screaming when you leave the room, banging on the stairgates. Or they appear to be at different developmental stages and naptimes are no longer tandem, or in fact, make any kind of sense.

Yes, twins are hard.

(But so fucking CUTE!)


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2 Responses to “Update to the Cheesy! Veggie! Nuggets! And more about raising twins, post the nasty nine month mark!!!”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    You haven’t made broccoli and cheese muffins??? And you know they exist!!???

    SACRILEGE!!! Someone call the food police!!

  2. catsandcradles Says:

    Hee. Thanks! And glad to know you don’t have to report us to the authorities.

    Also, hopefully things with the twins will get easier soon. I’m glad that they’re at least cute. I think babies are cute for the same reason Skippito is; i.e. so that we don’t kill them when they’re making us crazy.

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