Today is the two week anniversary of my SPD getting a bit better. Oh, my crotch is still singing six ways to Tuesday, but listen to today:

We went for the longest pushchair walk ever (still SHOUTING THE PRAISES of the Nipper 360 for older babies and toddlers. It’s super weird the babies are facing forward, but I do think they are old enough and the walks are short enough that it’s okay). We’re talking like an extra five minutes to our current world record.

When we got back, I was feeling really proud of myself. Pleasantly sweaty. Gave the babies a bit more milk, then started cooking lunch (cheesy veggie nuggets, spring onions, and plums). While cooking, I felt good enough to stand in the kitchen the whole time it was cooking and wash the dishes! This is big news as even when I was as fit as a fiddle, I was a lazy mofo.

But the sheer thrill of being able to stand, to do ordinary mom things like cook and clean, FUCKING WOW. Perhaps the universe gave me SPD to teach me the value and pleasure in regular things. The babies hung out and played, sometimes coming over to the stairgate to say hi.

We ate, and then I had the ‘fun’ time of crawling around on the fucking floor cleaning our new plastic lining thing that is under the table.

After all that activity, my crotch is a bit sore. But nothing like it has been in the past.

I am holding my breath and hoping this is some sort of miracle time in my life. You know, and that it continues and this isn’t some sort of reverse relapse. This is the week before my period, traditionally such an agonizing time that TMD ended up taking two days off last month because I couldn’t move.

I did a bit of googling to see if there were any major hormone changes nine months postpartum, but everything seemed to say it all happens at the three month mark. The only different thing I can think of is my crazy back-cracking, ass massaging osteo treatment the Saturday before I started feeling radically better. I’m going to call her and see what she thinks about this. We’ve officially broken up, but I’ve not called the new pilates lady yet.

I also chanted all those days ago to be better by May 1, I think. Need to go back and look at that. Or end of May? I don’t know. I’ve not continued to chant as, like everything else, I am pretty lazy and would rather sleep or read than make active strides to improve my life (except today, man, except today!). But like writing, Buddhism is a given in my life. One of the two things I know is always there, always a part of me, even when I’m not doing it.


I think this is a brief interlude before the babies need feeding or sleeping, so going to sign off. But can you feel how good I feel??

The aching pains in the area are so different than the electric, grinding horror I have never managed to get used to. This level of pain? I suspect this may be what other pregnant women consider ‘bad’ spd, but to me it feels like flying. Like ordinary aches and pains. Like a normal woman living a normal life – and to me, you can’t get more extraordinary than that.


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5 Responses to “EXTRAordinary.”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    that is just so fabulous!! I’ll keep sending positive energy your way!!

    Hooray for feeling good!!! and hooray for the little things!! (I’ve always been a particular fan myself of the little daily things in life that make it totally worth living!!)

  2. Katie B. Says:

    So happy to hear it!

  3. saralema Says:

    This is unbelievably awesome and makes me so, so happy for you! Maybe the mama butterfly you’ve been longing to is about to bust out of its chrysalis (not to say you aren’t an awesome mommy, because I think you are, but maybe you’ll soon be able to do the things you really have wanted to do- if that makes since). Praying things continue improving!

  4. catsandcradles Says:

    I am so, so, so, so, SO tickled pink for you! I hope this not only lasts, but continues to improve. Huzzah!

  5. boo Says:

    huzzah indeed! here’s to doing dishes, making food, having a bath wihtout pain and all the glory of normality which passes you by when there’s no effort involved! in our weird parrallel experiences, i too am improving so many congrats and high hopes for the both of us! (planted squash yesterday, how amazing is that!) xxx

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