Three jam packed days. And two action packed kids.


I have so much to say. On Friday, Snort learned new tricks: waving (at Coconut, of course!), getting from tummy to sitting, crawling, and blowing raspberries on Coco’s tummy.

Then yesterday morning TMD took the babies out so I could have some alone time. I realised that in the last 9.5 months, I have been on my own two times – once in town for a couple of hours, and once at home long enough to almost watch a full scary movie.  I’d not had any alone time in the last five months, though. I needed some me time, you know??

Unfortunately, my new-to-me box set of Dawson’s Creek (oh, yeaaaaaaaah) hadn’t arrived yet, but I had time enough to watch three episodes of Glee.

Then we spent the afternoon in the garden – when I actually saw Snort move from tummy to sitting. And he looked so delighted with his accomplishment, and started clapping!! Not sure where he got that from, as we are not clappers, but it was so cute I may become a clapper.

And on the Coconut front? Still the cutest baby girl on the planet. She is getting so good at imitating people – if I open and shut my mouth and make a smacking sound, she immediately does it. She has also discovered tongue clicking all on her own. She also knows now that the response to a verbal ‘hi!’ is to wave. She is so, so, so happy that she can communicate with us a bit more – really a very sociable little girl. She is also reliably and repeatedly saying ‘cat’ and ‘mama/mum mum’!

And of course, they both love initiating the taking-turns-to-blow-raspberries at each other (and us!) game. It is a BIG HIT. We call it ‘having a family conference’ round these here parts.

Both babies are terrifyingly mobile – in the last week, I have rescued babies from pulling out electrical cords from outlets, chewing on cords, dumping the cat’s water (except I lose more than win), yanking the DVD player so hard the scart disconnects and the whole thing falls on the floor, and on and on. Stairgates are now up over the two doorways in our lounge, and we need to buy a big one for the patio doors. Because, you know, Snort tried to get outside on his own the other day. As you do. When you are nine months old.

They are also utterly in love with each other. We’re talking non-stop playing, patting, looking at toys together, following each other around, wrestling, more face patting, reaching, grabbing, chewing, laughing, hand slappin’ with each other. They are often to be found glued to each other, bodies pressed up as close as possible, giggling and smiling.

Today was my favourite, though. My SPD (please knock on wood HARD before you continue reading) has been pretty good for the last two weeks, so we decided to go to our local park/lakes for a walk. No babywearing – and needing the pelvic belt and crutches – but it was awesome. We went on a superlong walk, looked at geese and their babies, the lakes, dogs swimming in the creek, big shaded rustic paths (TMD was fucking cursing me as it was very rough and uneven ground in the fucking wilderness, but I can say with confidence our new double pushchair is amazing!! As is my ability to use my crutches to hold aside stinging nettles so no baby legs got stung).

We sat at one end of one of the lakes for a water break. Looking at my babies – they are babies, damnit – drinking from their sippy cups made my heart clutch. I thought, ‘They look like little kids now.’ Freaked me out and made me proud, all at the same time.

We ended up parking our asses under some trees next to this killer playground. It was full of the sort of adventure equipment and challenges we had at camp. Rock star shit, here, people. More water (and ice cream for the grownups, plus a wee little bit for Coconut), and TMD took them for another walk in the hopes of encouraging a snooze. I stayed on the blanket, because let’s be honest – I’d already walked probably as far as I’ve walked since they were born (with the exception of the airport) and needed to take it easy.

It was nice to spy on people, because there was a path going past where we were sitting…..down to what must be known as ‘the beach’ to the locals. I’m talking a tiny low grade sandy slope leading to the creek…that is maybe, MAYBE, a foot deep in the middle. But people were lounging around in their swimsuits, people were having picnics, and the air was full of sunblock. A bit weird, but pleasantly festive.

TMD came back and Snort was having what looked to be the best sleep of his life (jealous much, mommies??), kicking back under the trees, breeze gently wafting the muslin he had pulled over his face. Mmm mmm good.

Coconut was awake, as she is always awake, and she was a fucking star. People were gaping at her at one point, as she was upside down doing a bridge (do you remember those from being a kid??) and waving at people as they walked past. We had shit tons of fun with her, while she spent a lot of time clutching the grown up water bottle, using her pincer grasp to pick up small seeds and twigs and attempt to eat them, and stand up like a big, big, big girl.

He woke up and was so freaking happy. The kid loves it outdoors. He was fascinated by the big kids in the playground and his eyes were so big, as he was trying to take it all in.

It made me feel a bit funny to see how much fun and love they had for the park. It made me feel guilty, truth be told. Like they are definitely old enough to appreciate and enjoy these things now, but I am not in a place to offer them. I guess first up is walking again, losing weight and building strength…..and then eventually trying to get my fucking driving license over here.

All in all, though, I had the best morning I have had in, oh, ages. Possibly since they were born. I felt like we were a proper family, all out and about, hanging out in the park and loving each other. It was really special.

Not to mention, you know, all the fucking walking!!! I am terrified of this going away, but I’ve had two goodish weeks. It’s saying something that I walked as far as I did today (with lots of sitting breaks) and still feel the same as I did when we left the house. I suppose tomorrow will be the true test, but I’m feeling good!!!

Life is amazing today.


5 Responses to “Three jam packed days. And two action packed kids.”

  1. mattlicious Says:

    Hurray! HURRAY! I’m so glad you’ve been able to get around a bit more. I was starting to get worried as your lack of ability to get out seemed to be really, really pulling you down. Therefore, YAY!

  2. PottyMouthMommy Says:


    Sounds like an absolutely magical day- how wonderful to have such a good family outing!!!

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you to keep feeling good!!

  3. Katie B. Says:

    Sounds like an amazing day!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that my SPD flaring up means yours is going into remission… law of conservation? Wouldn’t that be nice.

  4. catsandcradles Says:


    Those sound like some fabulous days, and well-deserved ones.

  5. Adelas Says:

    Finally, happiness!

    My son is all about doing the bridge and peeking out from under. My daughter is just behind your kiddos (she was born 9/9) and I’m also loving watching her little pincer grip.

    I’m so glad to hear that you finally had a nice day 🙂

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