Mash up. (ie ‘I bust the windows out yo’ car’….thank you, Glee)


So, this is day one of my new drugs regime. If normal codeine makes Mama foggy and sleepy, let’s see what this super duper extra strength long lasting new and improved codeine does! I’ve just put a GIANT thing of Diet Coke in the fridge, in anticipation.

I’ll tell you the other thing in our fridge: spring onions (green onions to some of you).

Last week I was creating a masterpiece of baby led weaning, and ended up throwing a whole spring onion onto each baby’s tray. Just to see. And also, because there is no preparation other than washing it off and chopping off the end. They went APESHIT for these things. It was like we hadn’t fed them anything but poop flavoured, uh, poop for three months because they loved the spring onions so much it was like……I don’t know. 2012 for the spring onion people.

Gave them some two inch long pieces the other day to see if this was a long lasting love, and boy howdy. I guess they get the spring onion lovin’ gene from me.

There is lots more to talk about. While I have been endlessly dwelling on my pain and fragile emotional state, life has been going on. However, I am feeling decidedly loopy and tired (codeine?) so that will all have to wait till later.

We are now living the life of cosleepers as well, except it involves me and a baby in the bed, and TMD and a baby on the couch. Ah, family togetherness.

I hope this is not an incoherent entry. The other thing on my mind this fine sunny morning is that I want to lock myself in a dark room and watch GLEE GLEE GLEE and horrific and horrible scary movies. Except, am I the only one who can’t handle the fucking pressure of Glee? I’m only partway through the first season, so don’t tell me what happens, but UGH.

She’s pregnant by him, but he thinks he’s the dad and she’s gonna give the baby to her, who is lying about being pregnant to the other guy. The pressure. It makes me ill.

Also, all the other thirty something moms who have crushes on Edward from Twilight?? I think my crush is on Finn, the male lead of Glee. The only Finn I know in real life is a militant lesbian living on a commune (yes, really), and she’s cute, but FINN FROM GLEE?? Totally sweeeeeet.

Creepy moms who lust on teenage stars, may I join your club please?

(PS Julia Stiles if you are reading this, you are still my favourite. I love your hair. I wish I had your hair from the movie …oh, shit, the codeine be messing with me…the movie where you are the white girl in Chicago and the smart black kid teaches you to get your groove on? Yes. That is the hair I want.)

(PPS There is a lot to say about hair, and sperm donors, and how I had platinum blonde hair as a child but everyone….oh, later. Later later.)


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3 Responses to “Mash up. (ie ‘I bust the windows out yo’ car’….thank you, Glee)”

  1. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    ahhh…. the blondness… my brother had the most beautiful blond curls.. I had poker-straight hair that varied from mousy brown in the winter to a brassy orange-ish brown in the summer… I used to pray to wake up with silky blonde hair… then I got older and just dyed it blond and omg the horror!!!

    and yes, Finn is yum… I also love Kurt and wish I could be his gay-beard because, well, a girl can never have too many gay friends whose fashion sense is better than hers.

  2. Tia Says:

    i love finn…..but i love a guy that is in season two more!

    i want kurt to be my gay best friend!

    random, i also want sassy gay friend (videos from youtube) to be another friend of mine!!

    glee is so intense that i squeal & have marathons of watching it!

    *shakes fist* WHY CAN’T WE BE NEIGHBORS?! i would totally watch tv with you & baby sit for you & TMD so you sweeties could have a little you time!

  3. Lauren Says:

    I am with you on Finn (except I am a 21 year old Mum to be).

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