Butterflies…oh, I mean GUNSHOTS…day two.


SoooOOOOOoo…went to my pal Osteo today. She started the session by saying she thinks it’s time for me to be referred on. Apparently we are at stage two in my treatment, which is All. About. The. Muscles. Because my pelvis is still mobile and screwy, we need my core muscles to start working more effectively so that they can offer some of the stability my pelvis can’t.

The woman of the day is a private one-to-one Pilates instructor who lives about 30 minutes from us and doesn’t work Saturdays. Nice. So TMD may need to take time off in order to ferry my ass back and forth from Pilates….as well as the surgeon, the physio, and everyone else. Oh well. Needs must.

So after we sort out that I should be doing Pilates (though how, I don’t know, as I can’t lie flat on my back), Osteo informs me she’s going to do treatment a little different this week. She says I may hear a ‘little crack’.

The next thing I know, she’s got her whole body weight on me as she is twisting me, sort of bouncing up and down on me. My back went off like fucking gunshots. Seriously. People in the street outside were probably hitting the floor, terrified that a rogue criminal was ejaculating bullets all over the place.

Then she does all this (lovely) stretching of my back. Then….then…..my ass. She says my ass muscles have been totally overworked and doing all the shit my pelvis and core muscles should be doing. She says she is going to ‘get some oxygen flowing through them and loosen them up.’ Bitch totally was pushing SO HARD on my ass I thought I was going to die. I didn’t even have the urge to giggle, as I was too busy trying to pretend it didn’t feel like she was knifing me in my ass cheeks.


She says my pelvis definitely has got into a better alignment, but that improvement in my day-to-day life will come from muscular strength. I may go back to see her if Pilates lady thinks I need more mechanical adjustments.

I am feeling more positive due to all the butterflies I am yet to own. (Although this morning TMD, who obviously read my blog last night, left an envelope that said ‘love you sweetpea’ on my computer, and it has two butterfly stickers in it!) Osteo says I WILL recover, she knows it, it will just take a lot of time and work.

We shall see.


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2 Responses to “Butterflies…oh, I mean GUNSHOTS…day two.”

  1. P.S. House Says:

    I just love your wife for that! What a woman! Butterfly stickers are sweet. Ive been perusing etsy, butterfly-stalking really in your honor. I’m not sure WHEN as I can’t seem to pick from the plethora of lovelies, but something lovely will be coming your way from all of us here at pshouse.also, happy mothers day to you both 😀

  2. Tia Says:

    i know this might be a stupid question, but would a chiropractor help you at all??

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