Predictably disappointing, probably not worth a read.


Well, I turned into a shaking, blubbering wreck at the GP’s office. He – predictably – knew nothing about SPD or PGP. I’m being referred to an orthopedic surgeon who will meet with me, organize x rays, etc. It’s a back specialist – as my GP said, ‘Because it’s your back giving you most of the problems.’ I tried to explain that it was my pelvis, not my back, but he said the back specialist was probably the closest. I don’t know if there ARE pelvic specialists, but if not I do suppose the back guy may be the best suited. Despite the fact that this is not a back problem. But whatever.

I’m also being rereferred to the women’s health specialist physio. I went back and forth about this one, as she has never helped in the past, but I think she is the gateway to accupuncture and an osteopath for free. So I took it.

I also requested a referral for my orthodics – and the man had no idea who to refer me to. He’s a winner.

Finally, oh blessed finally, newer and stronger medications. Again, he had no fucking clue about what I should be taking. I said I was using Ibuprofen and Codeine, so he’s proscribed something similar to Ibu but much stronger, and a slow release Codeine that is double the dose I had before. So we shall see.

I hate all this shit, because I *may* have been referred to the wrong surgeon, I’ve probably been referred to the wrong hospital department to sort my orthodics (he said, ‘You know, you can just buy those in the chemists!’ Ugh.), but at least I’ll get to see the largely incompetent physiotherapist again.

At this point I would be quite keen for x rays and MRIs. I want to see if arthritis has set in, I want to know for sure if I have distasis symphasis pubis, I want to see if there are any ongoing problems from the accident when I was pregnant.

In the meantime, I’ll cinch my support belt a little bit tighter and try the new medication.



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3 Responses to “Predictably disappointing, probably not worth a read.”

  1. apieceofwood Says:

    Can I be inappropriate? Whilst I absolutely have tons of sympathy for your pain and situation (Promise) I have to confess I smiled slightly (alot) at the end of this post thinking about your cinched in waist / weight loss and thinking.. ok so you might struggle to walk, but you probably look like one hot Mama!!!

    (ps – not thinking about you in THAT way!)

  2. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    Oh hunny… it’s so hard to get competent medical care sometimes and I truly wish for you to get the best care and get this taken care of.

  3. catsandcradles Says:

    Well, hopefully at least one of the people the GP has referred you to is a lot more competent. And you know, deals with situations like yours. Best wishes!

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