Catching up, mustard style.


I’m still here, with about 500 things I want to write about. Pain and exhaustion are one reason I’ve not been out and about* – the other is that we mysteriously haven’t had the internet for two days. Gasp, horror, shock. This has had the nice effect of strengthening my freecell techniques when Snort & Coconut are napping, as well as boosting The Romance Novel Of The Year by a couple of thousand words. Both well worth my time, you’ll agree.

Things on my mind: circumcision, chickpeas, camp, pain, hope/despair, writing, TMD, salad, Snort’s skin’s reaction to egg (WOW), screwed-up-ed-ness of our ‘schedule,’ etc. And lots more.

For now, suffice to say it’s 8 pm. I’m sitting in a room with no lights on, typing away. Two babies are merrily playing on the floor (perhaps thanks to their totally fucked up four naps today) while TMD makes dinner in the kitchen and tells me about her day. I am going to chow down and then sleep up, leaving TMD to deal with the babies.

This isn’t as cruel as it sounds, as it is the happiest they have been all day.

Oh! They were both weighed yesterday. Snort apparently lost over a pound, and Coconut is 2 ounces heavier than him. WTF. He’s in the 25% for weight (from a constant 65%), about 75% I think for height. She’s hanging on to her steady 50% for weight, and 25% for height. Out of proportion much? Ha.

Anyway. Hope your lives are currently ticking along, filled with joy and peace. I’ve got two littlies on the floor together, laughing. They are looking at a book together. They are the bloggers of the future.

* ‘out and about’ meaning hanging out on the internet, of course..


2 Responses to “Catching up, mustard style.”

  1. CJ Says:

    I’m tired just reading all the activity!!!

  2. bellygirls Says:

    Snort lost it and Coconut found it. lol

    It sounds like you have been very busy… so happy to hear you have your internet back… were you having withdrawals?

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