On my own today, after TMD stayed home again yesterday. (aka my daughter said ‘cat’ and my son gives kisses)


I have to try to pull myself out of my slump.

So. Last night Coconut said ‘cat’. They seem to like learning words during quiet cuddly times. The cat walked slowly by and it was a similar thing to when Snort said it. She tried, we both said ‘cat’, she (whispering, oh so cute) was going ‘tuh, tuh, tuh’, we said ‘cat’, she went ‘cuh cuh cuh’, we said ‘cat’, she said ‘cat.’

This sort of active repeating doesn’t happen unless they want it to happen. No, my children are not merrily imitating me going, ‘maaa maaa maa, baa baa baa.’ No. But put a cat in front of their faces, and blam-o. You’ve got two takers.

Coconut has also learned to wave and now knows what it means. Fuck, her fact just LIGHTS up when she gets a chance to wave at me.

And Snort? Total Mama’s boy. Loves his kisses and hugs – and been giving kisses for a couple of weeks now. Usually prefaced by me saying, ‘Can Mama have kisses?’ He opens his mouth into a little ‘o’, leans forward, and then licks at my lips. Um. STOP JUDGING. It is cute.

When Mil was here last week, she was snuggling him. Then, out of nowhere, he gave her a kiss on her cheek!

These kids are so so sweet.

And, just to be obsessive – I’m now wondering if the accident fucked up my right SI joint badly and it was not noticed due to the pain of my completely fucked up leg at the time. Because, actually, the ‘front’ pain did go away after the birth, and I was left with the back pain. The back pain that preceded the front pain during pregnancy by about 9 or 10 weeks. Hrm.

Doctor’s appointment next Friday and I will try to relax until then. My period should be coming this weekend and I surely hope it does. That will mark the beginning of the end of another monthly pain pain PAIN festival. I’m also seeing my osteo tomorrow and going to have a serious talk with her about the fact that I’m not really sure she is helping things. Yes, she has made a big difference to my tailbone pain. And, I suppose, my spinal pain. But the SPD? Nada.

She’s not doing manual therapy per se, and I wonder if I shouldn’t be seeing someone who is.


Cat. Kisses.

Cat. Kisses.

Cat. Kisses. Waving.

It is enough, but I want more. All I ever wanted was to have children, and I find that now that I have them, all I ever want is to be able to live a pain-free, ‘normal’ life with them.


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3 Responses to “On my own today, after TMD stayed home again yesterday. (aka my daughter said ‘cat’ and my son gives kisses)”

  1. bellygirls Says:

    I hope one day you are able to live pain-free! Sorry you are still dealing with that.

    I have to say that your babies seem to be very intelligent! Coconut is already repeating words? Brilliant! And Snort sounds like a lover! That’s so very sweet.

    You are one lucky Momma! 😉

  2. Katie B. Says:

    I was reading this, with L in her high chair eating lunch (leftover lasagna), and one of the cats walks by. L remarks “Cat”, then goes back to squishing pasta, cheese and sauce through her hands. Coincidence?

    BTW, never watch your kids eat.

  3. @WannabeMomErin Says:

    which is totally not too much to ask for.
    If I prayed, I’d be praying for you; but since I don’t, I am not. Instead I am wishing you health and speedy recovery or at the very least a diagnosis that will lead to a treatment that will allow you to recover… in the event it turns out that the car accident is more to blame than previously thought.

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