Passing on a Bloggy (like a Soapy, but for blogging. And not part of a hit tv show.)


I’m a lazy mofo, which is why I have not passed on a blogger award I’ve received. I’ve been given it by a few people (sorry if I miss you out, please let me know and I’ll link to you): Pottymouth Mommy, Gliding Through Motherhood, WannaBeMom Erin, and 2momswithaplan (this links to their new blog).

But I recommend all these ladies as great bloggers. And what makes a blogger great? Honesty.

So, onto the terms of the ‘honest scrap’ award (and it’s interesting to watch these things morph as it gets passed on – like a giant game of telephone). Tell 10 things about yourself, and then suggest 10 blogs other people might like to read. (You know, if you like Existere Perfume, you’ll love ThisOtherBlogger’s scent, too.)

My ten:

1. I grew up nearish a waterslide place. Every single summer when I was little, we would go there, get the little bracelet pass on my wrist, and I would climb the slide with my father. I never agreed to go down it. We went down the stairs every time. (I now LOVE waterslides.)

2. I am really, really afraid I am going to be disabled for life. It’s hard to be enlightened about wheelchairs and things when it looks like it might actually be your reality, I’ll tell you.

3. I never wore jeans as a kid. I don’t think it was just about my fear of buttons, I think it was that my mother helped raised me to be fashion impaired. I went to Catholic school and once in eighth grade there was a ‘dress down’ day. Everyone wore jeans. I wore a pink sweatsuit. This may explain my lack of friendships as well.

4. My favourite author, WITH NO CLOSE COMPETITION, is Stephen King. I think of him as an honest writer, and a down and dirty storyteller, and I can’t give higher praise than that.

5. 99.9999999% of the time I love being a stay at home Mama, and I hope that if TMD has a baby next time round, or we adopt, than I can still be the one who is at home. I know she wants to be at home, too – perhaps this is one of the perils of lesbianism? But there is still that .00000000001% of me who is jealous of the great conference on All Things Gay TMD is going to soon for work. I miss conferences. Especially about gay things. I miss shitty work trainings, and I miss getting paid to play on Facebook. (Though they didn’t realize they were paying me to dick around – most of the time.)

6. The horrible truth is that when my morning sickness was at its worst, I actually wished for 3 minutes that I would have a miscarriage. I now cannot imagine ever being that sick, because Snort and Coconut are my life – and what’s a little puke?? (Although if we’re all honest, I guess it was a fuck of a lot more than just a LITTLE puke, wasn’t it. More like gallons and gallons….per day.) I feel guilty typing this because of my blogger friends struggling with babyloss and/or infertility, but it is my truth. My unfortunate and unbelievable truth….. And this is my first time sharing it.

7. One time at our weekly ski club, my ‘friends’ all went up in the chairlift together. There was an odd number, so I went alone. They got off before me and took off, hiding. For years and years, I hated being the odd person out. Luckily, I had grown in my charms by the time I hit university, so I wasn’t left out. (And I made real friends.)

8. I’m pretty much the same in real life as I am on the internet – I share too much information (is there such a thing?), I tell stories a lot, I like to laugh, I am drowning in baby poop.

9. I have been a serial religion hopper: Catholic, CofE/Christian, Wiccan curious, Quaker, weirdo new ager, agnostic, etc. I am now pretty committed to Buddhism and don’t see that changing any time soon.

10. I love haunted houses and ghost walks. I cannot wait until Coconut and Snort are old enough that we can go to, uh, Country S and drag them onto every haunted graveyard tour and underground ghost walk there is.

Now, to recommend some blogs I don’t think I’ve recommended before, or have only just found….the only link is that they are all honest (or they’ve done a good job making me think they are!):

1. The Shape of a Mother (sort of a blog…but 400% honest)

2. I can haz bebe?

3. Apieceofwood

4. somewhataloof

5. catsandcradles

(Did I say no link?? I meant a huge link. So far, we’ve got people struggling with infertility, those ttc, people going through adoption, and those lucky enough to have a child….wow, since having kids I apparently only like reading about other people who want/have kids.)

6. pshouseblog

7. poppycat

8. begayaboutit

9. veeandjay

10. shriekhouse

11. (sensitive content about babyloss) wednesdayswithmalou

Also wanted to link to diagnosis: urine, but for some odd reason I can only see it in my reader, not in real life to get the addy. Hrm.

I do, of course, read other blogs. Writers, people with mental health issues, photography blogs, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand about 7000000 other ones.

Thank you for my award, lovely people. I pass it on…..NOW.



7 Responses to “Passing on a Bloggy (like a Soapy, but for blogging. And not part of a hit tv show.)”

  1. apieceofwood Says:

    Ha I fooled you – I’m full of crap really!

  2. Brian Says:

    Have you read Under the Dome yet? In my opinion its his scariest work to date.

  3. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    roflmao…. it’s almost crazy how every time I read your blog I notice/read something else we have in common (Stephen King, being an over-sharer, religion hopping… )

    Can I just say I love you?? You’re just like me!! bahahahahaha

    OH- and the pic you posted earlier of Snort and Coconut- soooooooo cute I could just eat them with a spoon. You truly have the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen!!

  4. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    OH… and also- I agree totally with Brian- Under the Dome = friggin AWESOME!!

  5. Katie B. Says:

    re: #6 – I don’t blame you! And I also know that if you *had* miscarried you would have felt horribly guilty, even though you’d have known intellectually that wishes don’t affect pregnancies that way. It’s just part of the ambivalence natural to even the most wanted pregnancy – including this current one of mine!

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