Month 1 Stats


Weight lost this month:  7 pounds
Total weight loss: 20 pounds

Inches lost…(the starting point for this is at the start of this month)

hips: 2.5 inches
waist: 2.5 inches
torso (though we argue over where this is!): 3.75 inches
bust: 2.5 inches
right arm: same
right thigh: .75 inches

This month was really a okay. Glad I lost as much as I did, especially considering I GAINED two pounds one of the weeks! You can see my weekly weight loss progress by clicking ‘Sunday slimdowns’ (or whatever I’ve titled it) in the right sidebar.

The first week I was hungry constantly. Constantly.

By the end of the month, I was not so much feeling the hunger, and got fuller much more quickly when eating.

My game plan? No counting calories or points yet. Merely NO SNACKING whatsoever between meals (the exception being what I eat with the babies when they are chowing down), and no real crap. We are not a house that does desserts anyway, so this isn’t a huge problem.

Felt like I was eating pretty much normally this month – it really is the snacking and grazing that piles on the pounds for me.

Onwards and upwards into month 2 I go!



5 Responses to “Month 1 Stats”

  1. apieceofwood Says:

    Wow wee – well done you.. that’s great going!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Yeah! I think that is even more impressive considering you aren’t 100% yet. Keep up the great work!

  3. PottyMouthMommy Says:

    congrats on the loss!! losing weight is INSANE hard! It’s great to see how awesome you’re doing!!

  4. Tatiana Says:

    Awesome job, lady! I think that you’ve got a great “diet” — it’s easy and realistic. That’s the key to me losing (or at least not gaining) weight as well.

    Keep it up! Love ya.

  5. catsandcradles Says:

    You rock!

    We did some clothes shopping yesterday, and I came to the definite conclusion that I need to eat a bit less and exercise a bit more. Also I should probably hide the rest of the Easter candy. *sigh*

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