The reason my parenting award (category: good judgment) has been suspended.


Clunk! Her legs collapse and she falls forward straight onto her nose. I hear a crack. I roll her over, she screams, I see blood coming from her nose.

Twenty seconds earlier:

I decide she’d like to dance with me, and she’s been standing so well lately. So I get her up on her feet, she’s bouncing, I make the stupid decision to try to just hold her hands WHILE I AM STILL DANCING.

Thirty seconds earlier:

I switch on the radio, sort of do my embarrassing bouncing in place dance, waving my arms around, and yelling ‘huh huh huh’ while I pelvic thrust. Both babies laughing. Coconut begins moving her arms in a rhythmic sort of way.


4 Responses to “The reason my parenting award (category: good judgment) has been suspended.”

  1. Winnie Says:

    oh no! Did she break her nose??

  2. Mammapie Says:


  3. Della Says:

    I had a similar experience sitting in front of the keyboard with #1. Happy baby is happy! Happy baby loves pounding the keyboard! Happy baby has just learned how to sit unsupported and decides to lean forward really quickly! Sad baby has a welt on his forehead for 2 weeks afterward!

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