Baby led weaning: pros and cons.


Con: It takes a fucking degree in engineering to cut up a mango in a semi-intelligent fashion. I do not have this degree. The mango looked like a drunk wielded a hacksaw. Some pieces as big as my hand, some like slivers of a toothpick.

Pro: My babies are like jackals and fell upon their mango prey with no problems.


Pro: They are super gifted in feeding themselves from spoons.

Con: We’ve started brushing ‘teeth’ twice a day, and they Want To Do It Themselves! This is a bit tricky.


Con: Putting on cream before and after every fucking feed.

Pro: My hands are so moisturized they look like they belong to a 12 year old.


Con: Solid foods can mess with the poopage.

Pro: Drinking huge ass amounts of water from their cups every meal means they’re pooping better than ever.

(Ok, I was reaching a little bit with that last one.)


4 Responses to “Baby led weaning: pros and cons.”

  1. Megs Says:

    This is how I cut my mango – into cubes using cross hatching and then flipping it inside out!

  2. Megs Says:

    Hmmm there are special mango peelers but those cost £££, maybe use a potato peeler for the outside and a then cut large slices off the core. It is the slimiest fruit ever, not easy to work with – I would just mash the sucker up maybe?

    • existere Says:

      I leave the skin on – makes it easier for the babies to hang on to it!! Have a look at my fb profile – someone you know linked me to a you tube how to video!! Heh.

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