Best babywearing day ever!!


I had to come share our morning’s babywearing experience with you all!

We live in a town where the only other babywearing parent we’ve seen has been someone we know. There is a large shopping centre in the centre of town, and we always stop for paninis and things (this time with the babies eating as well – we love baby led weaning!) in an open plan muffin/coffee place in a pretty busy part of the centre.

When we were done eating, TMD got Coconut on her front first – as I wanted ’spotting’ for flinging Snort onto my back as it was the first time I had back wrapped in public and the floors looked hard. *grin*

I was holding him in one arm, trying to sort out the wrap with my left hand, looking for the middle. TMD said people were already staring at that point. I spread the middle of the wrap on the table, put Snort on top of it, and apparently more people started looking. She said when I swung him onto my back, mouths dropped open and one woman exclaimed, ‘That is FASCINATING!’

I am a bit of an exhibitionist (obviously!) so enjoyed performing in public.

Then we were walking around a bookstore, and an interesting family was there as well. They were clearly Orthodox Jews, though there was no mother. The dad was leaning heavily on a cane, and had two gorgeous little daughters. He said, ‘Look! There’s a baby on her back.’ He glanced at me. ‘Do you mind if my daughter has a look? She loves babies.’

We had a nice little chat, and then wandered away. I ended up bumping back into him when my wife was nearby with Coconut, and he said, ‘There are babies everywhere today!’

I smiled and said, ‘These babies are actually twins!’

He said (clearly joking), ‘Oh, how’d you manage that with two women?’ He laughed.

I said, ‘Well, she actually is my wife and these are our kids. I just happened to give birth to them.”

He immediately knelt down by his daughters and said, ‘Did you hear that? These babies are twins, and they have two mummies. Aren’t they lucky? They have two mummies, and you have one daddy. There are all different sorts of families.’

I swear to god my heart nearly melted.

He then said, ‘This is so great. It’s their first time experiencing these things.’ I wasn’t clear if he was referring to twins, babywearing, or two mum familes! *wink*

It’s so nice for me to get out of the house at all, and when it is one nice experience after another, oh, I’m a happy woman.



9 Responses to “Best babywearing day ever!!”

  1. Upstatemomof3 Says:

    Oh wow!! What a wonderful experience. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I wonder if he had a wife and something happened or he was just a single dad. That is so nice. I love seeing other babywearing mamas when I am out – my all time best experience with other babywearing mamas was when we were in Ethiopia – it was so cool to have this thing that just crossed the cultural divide and made us instantly the same.

  2. Kara Says:

    Wow, that gave me chills a little bit. So sweet! What a great dad!

  3. Winnie Says:

    that’s so sweet 🙂

  4. apieceofwood Says:

    That is so nice…

  5. Lara Says:

    Babywearing is becoming more and more common here, but let me tell you, 3 years ago when I went out with K on my back I’d get such odd comments from impressed to quite unimpressed 😉 Fun either way though 🙂

  6. catsandcradles Says:

    That sounds just lovely. The whole day, really, but I have to admit the “there are all sorts of families” moment was especially touching for me.

  7. Joni Rae Says:

    That actually made me cry a little. What a sweet man, and a good daddy 🙂

    I am a bit green-eyed over your ability to swing a baby onto your back without help. Alas, I cannot. 😦

  8. ShannonL Says:

    That is SO awesome! You scared me at first… when you said the dad knelt down to his kids, I thought he was going to say, “let’s get OUT of here!” LOL! SO glad he said what he did. It was the perfect reaction! 🙂

  9. Andrea Says:

    Wow. What a great heartfelt reaction. That little girl will most likely remember the day with the two mummies for forever. Wonderful. 🙂

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