It’s April Fools, but this ain’t no joke.


You all remember Cookie?

I met her in my first class EVER in university – puke ass Algebra.  We became friends pretty much instantly, and this bond was cemented by the TA constantly yelling at us for laughing too much. She is a friend who fits so seamlessly into my life.  Within months, I swapped places with her roommate and spent three years living with her.

We scouted out good (and secret) places to poop – yes, bathrooms in the dorm, not under bushes or in bus stops, you freaks. We made cous cous in the microwave. We watched a lot of tv, ate a lot of shit, had a lot of laughs.

And then there is her mother. I bet I could write some good, good stuff about her mom here, but will not as that’s the sort of thing that makes my friends wary. (‘You’re not putting this in your blog, are you?’ Or ‘don’t put this picture online!! Don’t!’ Spoilsports.)

Needless to say, Cookie is Jewish. When we lived together we had great fun with Kosher foods during Passover, but her mom has taken it to the next level. Her mom’s birthday was two days ago (and yes, it is Passover). In preparation for the happy event, she requested that Cookie bake a Passover-approved cake.

Not only did she not want all those goyish ingredients left out, but…



Yes, you read it right. It is testament to Cookie’s level of fuck-up-ed-ness (I mean, enjoying a creative baking challenge), that her only reply was, ‘Chocolate or vanilla?’

It needs no further introduction:


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7 Responses to “It’s April Fools, but this ain’t no joke.”

  1. Mammapie Says:

    Does that say “happy birthday?” with a “?” at the end? Lmao! So funny!!!!!

  2. Christy Says:

    That cake is so funny. Cookie is very talented.

  3. jessjessbobess Says:

    I remember you saying something about this on FB the other day. That is fucking amazing. Haha! Cookie did a good job too! 😛

    Oh, and yeah, before you notice the username & all, I’ve decided to try out blogging again. Only one post so far & not very interesting but oh well. Gives me somewhere to vent or contemplate. ^_^

  4. 2momswithaplan Says:

    That is awesome!!! Great story too! LOL

  5. Megs Says:

    That is awesome.

  6. Cookie Says:

    Thanks everyone! It was truly a labor of love.

    I think my favorite part of the entry is, “It is testament to Cookie’s level of fuck-up-ed-ness (I mean, enjoying a creative baking challenge)”.

    Everyone loved it, though, even though I didn’t get to enjoy it because I was supposed to be eating dessert with existere’s would-be hubby (my dad). That didn’t happen, but that is another story for another day.

  7. Christine LaRocque Says:

    You have got to be kdding me.

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