A love letter that rambles around.


I love you sooooooooooo much.

I love you enough to pick snot out of your nose, to persist in wiping hummous off your face even though you scream and wiggle, to bury my nose deep in your butt and sniff to see what’s going on.

I love you when you look around for me, again and again, before yelling ‘MAMA!’

I love you when you whisper, ‘Dad’ to me.

I love you both so much I almost exploded today with it all. Good exploded, not crazy people exploded. The joy you get from seeing my face, the joy I get from performing mad hand clapping, leg slapping dances to distract you from your hunger.

Mealtimes are such a joy. We’ve never had a struggle because you are in charge – the only tears have been when we’re not giving Coconut the food fast enough!

For posterity, the foods you’ve eaten:

mashed potato
sweet potato
mashed sweet potato
veggie fingers
passion fruit
hummous on toast, ricecakes, whatev!
marmite sandwiches
prune juice
green beans
bean burger in a pita with mango and lime sauce
baby pizza
cheese on toast
yogurt in all organic and full fat varieties!
cheese straw
cream cheese sandwiches
pasta with strained tomato sauce, lentils, and cheese
one chip

And probably about 60 other things. You try everything. You like everything because you are feeding yourself. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll try it again and again and thus far, have not rejected any foods.

You can both feed yourself with spoons now. You can drink out of your cups.

How are you this old?? (A bit more than 7.5 months!)

Neither of you can ‘properly’ sit yet, like sitting and being left alone to do so for any real period of time (though you both bring yourself to sitting positions on your bouncy chairs – yikes, and Coco is constantly doing Pilates type crunches on the floor!). I don’t think you see any point in sitting, because you are always moving and exploring. Snort does it by rolling, Coconut does rolling and also backwards arching scooting. You are both trying to crawl.

You can stand up for long periods of time if I hold you under your arms.

You love kisses and hugs and books and toys. You can each play alone for startling periods of time (we’re talking like an hour!!), though you often roll over to each other to pat cheeks or steal toys. If you’ve been playing on your own and I come over and wiggle my fingers, saying ‘tickle tickle!’ you will wiggle in delight and reach up to me. And laugh. You laugh so much.

This morning you talked back and forth for ages, the love you have for each other just shining and obvious.

I love you enough to want you to keep growing, even though mixed in with all the awe and joy is sadness. You have gone from two teeny tiny babies into, well, grown up babies. Snort has a full head of blonde chickenfluff hair, Coconut is – uh – getting there. She’s got light brown and blonde curly hair, from what we can guess.

Blue eyes, brown eyes, delightful baby thighs, big laughs.

Oh, my heart aches I love you so deeply. I will always love you and love you and love you.


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3 Responses to “A love letter that rambles around.”

  1. Christine LaRocque Says:

    Beautiful. You make me ache for those days already and I’m only a few short months past them. Good for you for making the time to commemorate these memories. You’ll really appreciate it down the road.

    Gosh, I would love to snuggle those babies.

  2. Christy Says:

    You are such a sweet caring Mama!!

    I feel the same way about Lily. Amazed at what she’s doing now but sad that she’s not tiny anymore.

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    […] become more comfortable with food in its natural state. I’ve been following the success of Existere as she’s BLW her twins, and it seems to work really well for them, and I’m excited to […]

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