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Conversations I seem to have twenty times a day:

March 22, 2010

Snort: Dad.

Me: Mama. Mama, Snortie, can you say ‘Mama?’

Snort: Dada.  *giggle* Dadadadadadada. Dad.

Me: Mama.

Snort: Dad. *laugh*

Me: MAMA. Mama. Mamamamamama. MAMA.

Snort: Dada. Dada. *blows raspberry* DAD!

In other news, Coconut has stopped with the ‘dadas’ and is saying a lot of ‘mamas’ and ‘mummies.’ Don’t think it’s on purpose, if you see what I mean, but at least we’re getting to the right idea.

She also was CALLING the cat today, by saying what I imagine she thinks the word for ‘cat’ is, while smacking her leg repeatedly, which is how I get the cat to come over. She also tried to eat kitty’s tail.

As I type this: DADADADADA. *raspberry* DAD.

In other other news, the two of them were just lying on their sides facing each other holding hands, chatting back and forth and laughing uncontrollably. Of course, the camera has been missing all day.

(Also, look at the pictures in the last two entries. GODDAMN are they cute, hey?)

This post brought to you by the YOU HAVE TWO MOMS SO YOU’D BETTER LEARN TO SAY MAMA REAL SOON foundation.


Terrance and Phillip, the remake.

March 22, 2010