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Surprise my wife!

March 17, 2010

I want to write the post I wanted to write yesterday (and didn’t cause I thought it would be better with pics, and said pics not online yet)…

but in the meantime?

My wife is my guest star this week on my babywearing blog. She is tandem wearing both babies for the first time ever. She was so excited about doing it – and her first words were essentially, ‘Yes! I can be in your blog now!!’

Please go over and check her out – and then leave her a comment.

She’s having a rough time working all day and then spending every free minute looking after the babies as my pelvis is still wack, and working tonight till 9! I know she’d love to come home to lots of happy comments, so help me surprise her, ok?

I feel I can actively do so little for her, but blogging is something that doesn’t require me to walk! If you don’t know the blog’s address, please let me know.