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Twin led weaning.

March 12, 2010

On le menu this morning? Lightly steamed asparagus spears and baby corn.

Neither baby was down with the asparagus – though Snort tried it again and again. Every time it hit his tongue, he recoiled and a look of shock crossed his face. Then he’d try it again and be freshly surprised/disgusted.

Coconut tried it, looked grossed out, and then stuck to the baby corn. She completely ignored the asparagus….until her brother, perhaps wanting to offload some of the offensive matter from his tray, reached over and neatly plopped a piece of asparagus in front of Coconut. She looked at him, at it, and then picked it up and munched on it. No horror.

He giggled in delight, then picked up another piece of The Green Stuff and shoved it in his mouth. He smiled around the stalk sticking out of his mouth.

Twins, eh?