Our first week with Baby Led Weaning


What was tried:

In general, Snort’s not that bothered with solids, aside from playing with them. Exceptions are avacado, hummous, and broccoli. He doesn’t seem to ‘get’ that it’s food yet – though this morning he held a rice cake and when he saw me eating mine, he put his to his mouth and smiled at me in a hopeful sort of way.

Coconut will try anything and loves pretty much everything. She had some demon eye rolling and puking for broccoli and hummous, but whatcha gonna do. When we were out yesterday, she grabbed for my entire panini off my plate. We broke off some bread, and she happily chewed on that for ages.

So far we are enjoying baby led weaning a lot. Snort has disturbingly started eating at four hours round the clock – so two night feeds last night. Don’t think it’s a growth spurt as both babies have been sleeping through the night for months, even during growth spurts. I’m wondering if it’s that he needs more calories or something, and as he isn’t really eating solids he’s upped his milk feeds? We’re up to six feeds in 24 hours as opposed to four. Others have suggested it’s a developmental thing, so I’ll have to look into it.

Regardless, Valentine’s Day was lovely. TMD, me, and Aussie went into town – each wearing a baby. I think we looked like some sort of hippy gang. Our babies in their slings, with their amber necklaces. Oh, yes, I think I am granola.

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6 Responses to “Our first week with Baby Led Weaning”

  1. saralema Says:

    I read this last night and thought the increased eating could be a growth spurt as there is one around 24 weeks. Then, this morning, as I was playing with MP, I thought of Snort’s waking again and thought back to MP starting solids. I then remembered how HORRIFIC nights were for about two weeks. After many glorious nights of waking once or twice, she was back to getting up every two to three hours. It was like some cruel hazing ritual.

    I decided it was a combination of SO many things happening at once- starting vaccinations, starting solids, starting to truly teeth, growth spurt, AND either sitting up without support or barrel rolling.

    So, this may not be helpful, but I feel for you on the waking up again part. It blows. However, I think your friends may be on to something about developmental.

    • existere Says:

      You’re right – we’ve started solids, they are developing so quickly emotionally and physically, they’ve moved into their own room, and teething, oy, teething. They’ve also just had their third set of vaccines (here they happen at 2, 3, and 4 months, though we chose to spread them out much more). Thanks for commiserations, it’s nice.

  2. Megs Says:

    I know you are trying to stick with BLW, but maybe try a bit of baby rice (unless you are totally anti-spoon?) about 2 hours before bed and see if that fills him up. As a nutritionist, we taught mums that dietary intake increases around 6 months, and requirements change – he needs more iron than comes from milk alone for example. So if he isnt too interested in solids, its possible he is compensating by upping the milk intake. Of course there could be many other explanations as well. Im gonna email you some of our teaching material during weaning – it does focus on purees though so feel free to ignore it. :o)

    • existere Says:

      Third stage milk has the iron in it! We are anti-spoon, unless they do it themselves.

      Think this is a dev stage thing as well. Just emailed you. Stupid 1 hand typing means I don’t write as much here as I would!! *hug*

  3. Christine LaRocque Says:

    I love that you are loving baby led weaning. It’s really a momentous time when we get to start feeding them the foods they enjoy! We did a combination of both, baby-led and homemade, mostly because it does a better job of filling the little guy up. He spends more time playing with finger foods and losing them down his bib and chair than actually getting them in his mouth đŸ™‚ For your sake, I hope they keep on trying and staying, healthy, happy eaters. My oldest eats rarely (endless frustration), my youngest is vociferous in his love of food, but they are early days yet.

  4. Christy Says:

    I bet the three of you caused a few stares, I guess I should really say the six of you. A crunchy hippy gang, lol.

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