I feel good, even if food and mess are everywhere!


Lunch = resounding success.

Sweet potato, a previous favourite, was pretty much ignored (aside from a few chomps here and there) by Coconut and Snort in favour of a new food to try…..toast with hummous on it.

Snort couldn’t have cared less about the toast, but the hummous? Jeezus. I took pity on him and just put a big ass glob straight onto his tray. He smashed his fingers in it and licked them clean, time after time after time. He ended up covered in the stuff, with a puzzling addition of sweet potato stuck in his eyebrow.

Coconut did not like the hummous. Her first taste resulted in a horrified facial expression, and then she puked up an insane amount of milk. Probably half of her last feed. From that point on, she unerringly only picked up plain pieces of toast. She ripped them in half, she crumpled them up, she sucked, she bit, she chewed. She adored.  She ended up with some bread in her hair (at the end of each exploration with food, she rubs her left hand behind her ear in her hair, while still clutching the new food. I don’t know why.).

This was probably the best meal ever, and it’s so cool to see them – they have such distinct tastes, and also different ways to tackle new foods. Snort likes to smash foods and move them around. When he picks stuff up with his right hand, he always then rotates his wrist like he’s doing physiotherapy or something. Coconut needs to know she will like the taste of something, and then she is willing to pick it up and manipulate it.

Oh, fun.

But messy, messy, messy.

I almost started crying during this meal, as his eyes were shining, fingers plunged deep in his mouth. She threw her arms wide in a sign of victory, soggy toast in each hand. And I thought, How am I so lucky? You are such fabulous people.


4 Responses to “I feel good, even if food and mess are everywhere!”

  1. Christine LaRocque Says:

    I can feel your joy in this post and I’m so happy for you! It’s amazing how food does that for us (no matter whether we are eating or others are). Enjoy! It really gets better and better.

  2. Tatiana Says:

    They’re so awesome. You must video them 🙂

  3. poppycat Says:

    What a fun and amazing time! And hummus, hu? Who would have thought with all the garlic and all. My friend’s boy is just starting solids and loves all of it – blended chicken and mushrooms, peas, kiwi, broccoli, you name it. Sounds like yours are well on their way to being good eaters. That’s awsome.

  4. Christy Says:

    You are such a great mommy! You are all fabulous people.

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