We interrupt your regular scheduled programming.


Snort’s poop had a fair bit of sweet potato in it this evening. So all that leftover gagging after the big hunk came out? Apparently it was his way of saying, ‘Fuck, moms, there is something that is definitely not milk going down my throat. Help a baby out, yo.’

Coconut has not pooped in a good few days, so haven’t been able to examine her spoils of modern foodcraft. No doubt she’ll manage to back out the World’s Biggest Poo tomorrow during a particularly inconvenient time.

Stay posted.

Foodie updates: Coconut is dating a certain piece of carrot. She liked it so much she picked it up twice on her own – and this is a girl who likes food to be handed to her. She sucked and chomped on that carrot with impressive gusto. Snort was more into the brocolli. He kept sort of patting it, and picking it up by the ‘hair’ and just staring at it.

I missed their first course of bananas and cucumbers as I was asleep.

Shoot – baby crying. Gotta go.



One Response to “We interrupt your regular scheduled programming.”

  1. Christy Says:

    Isn’t solids fun?

    Lily loves sweet potato and any form of winter squash. Carrots not so much.

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