Big weekend…and baby led weaning, take one.


We’ve reached the magic age, just a few days shy of six months. Last night I felt all emotional (even before the subject of my last entry!) and thinking, Wow.

They have co-slept with each other since birth. They are now too big to share a cot, and so tonight they move into their own cots – in their own room, since our room is not big enough to accommodate two cots.

Today is also another milestone – we have started Baby Led Weaning. Lunch was roasted sweet potato and courgettes/zucchini. (We’re opting to stay with veg and fruit for the first few weeks.)

Snort accelerated like WOAH. Started out with his hunks of sweet potato and courgette, banging around on his tray, looking with interest at the food. He went from this to realizing he had the ability to pick the food up, to realising he could put the food into his mouth, to taking a giant bite of the sweet potato! It was fast, and surprising. I don’t know that we expected him to really be into food at all.

That bite of sweet potato? Yes, it triggered his gag reflex. Before it did, though, little honey chewed and chewed on his mouth full of orange stuff, looking very perplexed. He slowly started to push it back out with his tongue. Then most of The Giant Bite was hanging out of his mouth, while he continued to chew on the bit hanging around inside. He gagged – wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but maybe that’s because I saw the food already coming out. He threw up a bit of his milk feed as a result of the gagging, but only a bit. Didn’t seem to bother him at all.

He gagged even once the food was out, and I think it had to do with the fact that he was so caught off guard by the whole thing!

Coconut was just like we expected. She needed a bit of help to get her fingers on the food (yes, I know, never hand a baby food, cardinal sinners are we), but once that sweet potato was in her hand? She popped the food right into her mouth and had a good lick/suck/chew on it.

She also scraped her fingers along the courgette and effectively managed to get the ‘meat’ out, which she stuck in her mouth. Every time she messed with the food, she put her hand in her mouth and licked/sucked it clean. Girl knows what she’s doing, and that is just what we expected.

Both made it clear when they were done. Don’t expect much food, if any, was swallowed, but they had fun. The baby led weaning mantra is before age 1 it’s just for fun. They still get all their nutritional needs met by milk, so they are going to be able to explore food at their own pace.

Dinner is banana and cucumber, yum yum. Expect the banana will be fun!! I hear it stains everything black and looks like worms in the poop. Delish.

Today was also nice as after lunch was done (fuck, were we hungry. With one thing and another, we only ate what they did. Baby led weight loss, yo) we went into town to mail a few things and take a walk. In a certain high end department store there were what seemed like hundreds of babies in pushchairs. Parents were getting stuck in aisles, leaving their prams/babies at points to check shit out, babies were screaming – all I can say is thank the lord for babywearing. It really does make it all easier.

Now, I’m off to cuddle a sleeping bunny big boy.

Postscript: the other milestone? I cut their toenails today for the first time since birth. Let’s just say I shouldn’t have waited this long…



2 Responses to “Big weekend…and baby led weaning, take one.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I got teary-eyed reading this. Seriously, when did they grow up so much? Crazy. Eating REAL PEOPLE food.

  2. apieceofwood Says:

    Ha baby led weight loss.. love it!

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