New twin babywearing blog!!


I’ve started a ‘specialist’ babywearing blog – one focusing on wearing more than one baby at once. It’s a slow work in progress, but I plan to have step-by-step guides, pictures, and how to videos posted there. Yes, you will see my face and hear my voice over there. Still no real baby names, though! (If you want to know, ask. Twitter is probably the easiest way. I’m @existere).

I think it will also be useful to singletons, as I plan to also show how to solo wear – as it’s just easier to tandem if you already know what you’re doing with one.

Please come on over and have a look. Leave a comment or two so my new blog doesn’t feel lonely. If you find it useful, can you please mention it in your blog or on Twitter? My long term goal is to compile lots of valuable info to share with others, including contributions from other parents. Many babywearing blogs (and I number poor little in this) are full of self-love pictures. I know I do it.

This blog should hopefully be about helping others out, having a laugh, and sharing experiences.


One Response to “New twin babywearing blog!!”

  1. Christy Says:

    So far I am totally loving your new blog.

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