You know the sad/happy drama masks?



8 Responses to “You know the sad/happy drama masks?”

  1. Jen(theremotejen) Says:

    lol. perfect!

  2. apieceofwood Says:

    This just makes me laugh so much. They have got sooo big…

  3. Jennie Says:


  4. Christy Says:

    They are so cute!

  5. Diane Says:

    Funniest baby picture ever. They are ADORABLE!

  6. Myg Says:

    Oh my, how big they are getting! I have a hilarious picture of mine like this too, at about 7 months old. The funny thing is, that’s sort of the personalities too. One is very calm, happy go lucky and the other is very, er, shall we say, communicative of his displeasure when it arises, and it arises about 7 times an hour. Luckily it also passes quickly, and he also laughs and smiles as often as he bitches and moans. There, I said it.

  7. Darlene Says:

    THAT is priceless!!!! I love it! lol

  8. Winnie Says:

    hahaha I just laughed out loud!! And so did my boyfriend 🙂 So cute!

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