W.o.w. (No, not any warcraft reference here. Move on.)


I know I’ve been sort of quiet here, and the truth is I’m not sure why. TMD asked if the immediacy of Twitter (@existere) was making me blog less – perhaps. Probably, actually. Nothing gives me the satisfaction of writing in my blog, but at the same time the instant feedback and adult interaction make Twitter very, very sexy to me.

Did I say ‘sexy’? I meant appealing. *ahem*

Not too much to say, I think. Aside from the fact the Snort rolled for the first time yesterday – or the day before – twice. Like it was no big deal. That Coconut cut a tooth right after we returned from our trip, and Snort is now cutting the most violently sharp tooth on the planet. I tell you.

You know how I cut Coconut’s thumb that one time (and it is still covered in a weird skin growth from the cut! Oops) and she bled for three hours? She cried for about twenty seconds and was cheerful the rest of the time. Well, TMD cut Snort’s thumb a few weeks earlier, only taking off the tiniest bit of skin, no blood, and he screamed for twenty MINUTES. So you can guess how fun it is for him to be getting a tooth.

I guess my real reason to post this morning is a question. If you have a baby, or know a baby, or …uh…anyway, is it normal for a baby’s hands to occasionally go purple/blue/freaky looking? This only happens when Coconut is a bit chilly, but this morning it actually scared me because they looked like dead people hands. Or the way you imagine dead people hands to look, anyway.

I don’t like typing ‘dead people hands’ in conjunction with Coconut, but am fighting The Crazy that wants me to go back and erase that bit because, well, I don’t control the universe with my writing. She is alive and healthy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go check her breathing.


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5 Responses to “W.o.w. (No, not any warcraft reference here. Move on.)”

  1. Jen(theremotejen) Says:

    Lyra and Ethan’s turn kind of bluish white, i think, though CJ says he hasn’t noticed it. I think if you notice other parts of them turning colors(lips, around mouth, etc), then worry, but hands…well, I guess I can’t say don’t worry, because I do, but I’m not calling the ped yet. So…take from that what you will.

  2. Christy Says:

    Lily’s hands and feet used to go blue/purple when she was cold. It hasn’t happened in a while so I don’t know if she has out grown it or just doesn’t get that cold any more.

    I know that when I get really cold my lips turn purple.

  3. Tatiana Says:

    Twitter is the number one reason I rarely blog. Whereas I would write a post about Maia doing something before, now I toss a tweet out.

  4. @WannabeMomErin Says:

    Not that you care, but I picture dead people hands as being white, due to no blood flowing through them – whether it is oxygenated or not.

    I love Twitter for instant gratification, but I think I like my blog for the memory-keeping factor. I think the two go hand-in-hand… liek I’ll post a blog, and then tweet that I posted it, and then (hopefully) discuss the blog on Twitter after people have read it.

  5. Gliding through motherhood Says:

    I’ve noticed my 3yo’s lips go blue when he’s cold – which wasn’t something I thought ACTUALLY happened. I think kids/babies’ circulation is just different and more sensitive than ours and that probably explains it.

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