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I don’t know about the anonymous part, but I sure do like talking about myself. Ha!

January 17, 2010

I’ve jumped on the ‘ask me anonymous questions’ bandwagon – there is a link to the right that’ll take you to a page where you can ask me anything, or, hell, say anything to me. You can be anonymous, or if you have an account there you can choose to let me know who you are. I know it’s anonymous and all, but be nice, okay?

Or you can click here. Ask or tell me something, yo, because I truly need more ways on the internet to while away my time. My current haunts: Facebook, Twitter, a natural parenting/babywearing forum, eBay (OH HOW I HATE TO LOVE YOU), a new site I’m putting together, gmail, blogs, certain email lists.

Any other sites I should go stalk? Please tell me your blog’s address if you think I’m not reading, I’m always looking for new bloggies to occupy me when I have a baby or two asleep on me and I’m pinned to the couch.

Someone asked about Snort’s eczema the other day and I am going to update all on that (hold your breaths! the excitement!), but needless to say I have accidentally found an almost-cure due to some inept parenting decisions that actually accidentally kicked ass.

As always.

Anyway, I’ve gotten some good questions about baby led weaning, slinging babies, my views on if either baby ended up gay, TMD, therapy, etc. Questions are only limited by your imagination. And no, that’s not an invite for you to get all kinky with me. At least, I think not.

Bye now.